Saturday, February 26, 2011

Damsel in distress

Hi what’s up guys....

Ok this time I wanna tell you guys about a story of my friend ..
 When I was on my way home all of a sudden my phone was ringing 


Me: Hello..

Afiq: Hello, Lie mu kat mane dah tu?

Me: Aku still kat Jerteh..nape?

Afiq: Weyh, Lin eksiden ah....

Me: Hah?? *mouth agape*

Afiq: Mu gi tengok dia jap...ak pom on the way dah ni

Me: Erm ok2...

*I was actually visualizing Leen bleeding on her forehead, cracked bone, lying unconsciously in her driver seat, and her car was inside the parit ( the monsoon drain )...*

As I got this phone call, I quickly rocketed my car towards the crash scene..
And once I got there I could see she was actually smiling, Afiq and Dauh were already there sitting on a bench with her... 

and again my imagination has told a lie to me......
these are few pictures taken when i was there...*Fadzleen dont hate me, I am too gorgeous for u to hate me..hehehe...

*p/s: aw btw guys it wasnt her fault...

Most important thing * WNY-Wan Nor Yuhaidi, maintain kekal disitu*

Hahahaha...side mirror yg tercabut

Side mirror tercabut, front bumper almost tercabut, tayar depan pancit

Can u see the hole? No wonder la pecah

2 dudes were actually trying to fix the car...but to no avail

Ok erm this fella,the one who's holding the wire was actually trying to be smart..

N lastly instead of us helping Fadzleen changed the tyre, those uncle2 yg sedang baiki parit tolong tuka

Done, fadzleen hepi*erm bile mase dia xhepi..sepanjang eksiden ni hepy jer dia xcuak pom*
Moral of the story:- As a boy I need to learn how to change the punctured tyre, or else I'll be one of those schmuck who knew nothing when it came to changing my own tyre... *Bukan ak jer yg bodoh tak reti tukaq tayar...mereka 2 orang tu pom I tak malu...hahahaha* (lau ak je sowang yg xreti of coz ak tak tulis sini...hahahaha)

 Changing the tyre is very easy actually, and now I know how to change my own tyre.


hani hanani said...

haha.. drive je expert, sebelah tngan bena. tkar tayar .. hampeh~ btw, ttap nmpak cool cz mngaku kekurangan sndiri~~

Saddly Saljie said...

miz nani:hehehe...tenkiu awop..hehe

Anonymous said...

haha. :)kelakar.

Saddly Saljie said...

syafiqRidhwan: hehe..thnx

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