Sunday, November 11, 2012

Good riddance to Semester 2

I have just finished with my final examination and I felt a huge surge of relief and happiness that I completed my second semester of degree. Throughout this semester, all I can say is that I had a great time with my friends; we had so much fun though I need to keep aside my routine of working out in the gym, be a careful eater of what should goes into my mouth, sleep at 11pm every night and the list goes on and on. There are so many “don’t” in my life and I believe it’s not healthy for my social life. One of my friends said that I’m not living my life. Life as a student is about enjoying the freedom of your life. It is at this very moment you’ll live your life with friends by your side at least just before you walk into the career phase and marriage life where there might be few obligations that you need to attend to and least time to feel your life. So if you are student, go and enjoy your life to the fullest. Do whatever you like but of course you need to abide to your religion taught and such. Just hold on to “There’s always bad repercussion for every bad decision”
Some mates I had round in the early semester when I was throwing a room warming party

Just before heading home

Syamim & Irfan when we were in Genting

Genting Highlands

I treasured this moment

my girl-best buddy

eating and eating

This picture taken just before we heading back to respective hometown

That’s all for now and I’m very looking forward to update more as I will have ample time to do that. So adios and see you soon.