Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why in the world guys hate stretching?

If there was any PJ class when you were scholling, your teacher instructed you or guided you to do a warm up just before doing your usual physical activities...and believe or not lot of us hate this!!

Coming back to the real world, most of us hate stretching because it’s all about subtlety. Stretching doesn’t give you bigger biceps, popping pecs or amazing abs. It has multiple benefits, though, like reducing injury and improving athleticism and yet we still don’t stretch.
Here is something you may not know or aware that regular stretching can boost your strength. How? Increasing your range of motion can add mass and length to your muscles, allowing you to generate more force and lift more weight. And ultimately of course that leads to more muscle.

The vital that you can have from stretching is you don’t have to bear any pain anymore. No more hurt. If you need a reason to stretch and improve your workout, here it is. Stretching preps your muscle for the exercise ahead.
Dave Nuku
“Stretching will ensure that the muscle are limber and blood circulation and heart rate will be increased”  ....Dave Nuku

So guys now you have a clear picture on the importance of stretching...from now on do not hate them and enjoy your workout session..!!! and I’ve learnt a great lesson where I’ve injured my right arm and it’s all because of I hate what your teacher and book says about stretching is all true and do your stretching now and do it with a bright eye and enthusiastically...

Adioz people...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Doc I think I have Thrombosis!!!!!!!!

I was talking to a friend the other day about my arm. I’ve been complaining to them about how I don’t feel comfortable whenever I lift my right arm. I was in a complete clueless of what was going on to my right hand. Lot of assumption and educated guess had been made to find out the real cause of the problem, some of them are completely BULLSHAT but some of them too are logically accepted to my silly thought. One of the most believed to be the cause of my problem is Thrombosis. What is thrombosis???
Not the actual pic of thrombosis, this is a pic of Hughes syndrome

DVT-Deep Vein Thrombosis

If you are still remember we have learnt this in Biology form 5, well before this I wanna be doctor but eventually ended up taking TESL...that is what we called IRONY. Getting back to our real track, thrombosis is a type of serious medical problem caused by a clot generally known as blood clot that prevents the blood from flowing normally. Scary isn’t it? Yup it was so scary when having this kind of thought that always alerted your mind to act fast. The old adage is that ‘prevention is better than cure’ so I straightaway heading to nearest clinic. 

I registered myself at the counter and after waiting for a while, the nurse called my name to doctor’s room. I closed the door and sit on a chair beside him.

Doctor: Hi, good morning.

Me: Morning doc.

Doctor: so what is your problem?

Me: Doc, I have a issue with my arm where I felt a short, sharp pain whenever I
        raise up my arm and I think I have thrombosis!!! 

Doctor: are you sure?? *Mouth agape*

Me: not really, but there’s possibility...

Doctor: Ok let me check your arm first...

  ***After a while***

Doctor: No, you are not suffering of Thrombosis, Have you ever been to the gym?

Me: Fuhh! Yes I’ve been to the gym for nearly a year.

         Why are you asking me this question?

Doctor: From what I’ve observed you had a torn muscle in your arm.
It’s not thrombosis but it’s a torn muscle... Well according to doc, torn muscle is not so serious I just need some rest and I can’t go for lifting weight, I have to rest my triceps for about a couple of weeks so that the injured muscle can recover and would allow me again to go for my zen hour. So I’ve been prescribed few medicines, well this medicines were prescribed to me to help me to eradicate the deposited of the blood around the torn muscle, since the blood is calcium, it had formed a thick, hard small round-shape which can be felt whenever I touched my arms and it’s painful..(ok it’s really not that painful...the last part is written to exaggerate)

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