Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Walk in style Part 1

Hye guys, this week is one of the busiest week...

but still I will share something with you guys..

Well, this week is very busy because Im gonna have my mock examination next week...*Sigh*

But I won’t let it jeopardize my entry for this week, whatever happens I will still update my story on this. Well I love fashion so freaking bad and I pretty sure that lots of you guys out there are also love fashion...ermm Im actually talking to you boys not girls sorry because today I’m gonna talk on men’s fashion.

Nowadays, many terms like ubersexual, metrosexual had been introduced to the world, and I expect a lot more to come in the future. Today’s men are very sophisticated in terms of everything and they are now actually started to be very concern to what are they wearing, what are they doing, health, skin care and a whole lot more and because all of that, men’s fashion nowadays on a great demand. Alfred Dunhill, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Giorgio Armani, Brioni just to name a few of those fabulous international brands but still I can’t get those brands as they are cost like millions to me...but one thing for sure Im gonna have them one day...pretty soon I hope.

Well getting back to our real track about men ‘s fashion, Men nowadays are all educated, intelligent, versatile, and knowing what they want in their life. Here’s what you need to inject a modish elegance. In my opinion, versatile and cool guys are not nerd and no matter where he go, he never forget to use cologne. The most amusing cologne that would be perfect for every guy is Sean John, I Am King as it infusing a unique blend of refreshing, seductive and woody notes, which people around you would crazily go mad whenever he/she caught the whiff of it. This fragrance is sophisticatedly mannish without being overbearing. It’s perfect for use during day or night for any occasions so it wont be that waste to get it, so guys get it now...last time I checked ‘I Am King’ 50 ml cost around RM 205..

Next, sunglasses are functional. But did you also know that they serve as the perfect accompaniment to the latest trends? A pair of those examples (above) is a streamlined fusion of charm and rebellion. Sunglasses are traditionally designed to protect our eyes from the direct sunlight which could harm the retina. But, nowadays sunglasses are also would be a perfect companion when you are driving in the day and being in the beach. A guy with a sunglass is often considered as cool, easy-going person but never ever wear sunglasses when you are in mall coz it is disaster!!!

Well for the time being,  I think that’s all for now as I got something to do, but I promise to get back on this very soon.

Adioz people!!


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