Saturday, February 2, 2013


Sir Zaki

Every Sunday there will be a tutorial session in the first period with our mentor Sir Zaki. In the class, as usual that morning, he came into sight with his Ipad being tucked under his arm discontinuing us from whatever we were doing at that moment. I was sitting at my desk facing him with my paper bag while secretly reaching my hand inside where I had already prepared my frugal breakfast. He put down his Ipad on the front desk, and Vehnoo who always sits at the front of the class, was caught learning his elegant Ipad leather case. Two boys puttered around for a while, searching for something before taking their seat next to each other. I continued my morning routine of munching on my frugal breakfast while listened to him. He is definitely okay with us eating and drinking in the classroom, nothing to fear and nothing to worry. 

          He greeted us with a “So how was your weekend?”. That is so him, typical him to ask us of what we do, where we go, who are we currently dating with? and you definitely do not want to know the rest of it. After the usual ritual of him asking us on some trifle questions, out of nowhere a topic became a hot debate among us. I was not sure how exactly or who exactly came up with the topic in the first place, but one thing for sure it became a hot discussion among us. Marriage!

          Looking at some of us demented with excitement, he finally “and why on earth didn’t we have a debate on this matter, next week? Anyone?” Leaving everyone a long pause before “Yes..why not?” Adam retorted, to the amazement of everyone else. 

“Shite!” I finally spoke. 

“So who are the lucky trio to represent our class Tesl 2?” Sir Zaki asked.
My mouth was half full of white eggs when he paged my name “Saddly?”

“Yes Sir?” I muttered.

“Are you interested?” he asked me with the face. You know the face when you are asking somebody and you take ‘No’ for answer? Yes he made that face.

“Yes..sir!” and I swore in my heart million times to my stupendous achievement that I say yes. You know I had to. He left me with no option.

Everyone can talk but not everyone can debate, and to debate on the marriage matter! That’s even worse. So the motion is “THB that arranged marriage should be outlawed. And I’m in dead trouble! 

*p/s: For those who are still pondering over the hell is THB, THB would refer to ‘This house believes’ see the reason why I loathe debate.

Monday, January 21, 2013

To buy and not to buy, that is a question:

“What do you think of this?” My roommate suddenly asked the question which I initially do not think that’s a question that I need to answer. It may be just another rhetorical question. But looking at his genuine face, I felt surge of guilt not to answer him. “That’s not healthy. Buy something that will rot,” leaving him behind with his thought alone.

          What I’m trying to say is that, how you can affect people around you. Been that person who is conscious about what I put in my mouth has affected my roommate nutritionally. And I just feel good about that. Really I am.

He made the right choice!

Just me getting some milk