Saturday, February 26, 2011

Damsel in distress

Hi what’s up guys....

Ok this time I wanna tell you guys about a story of my friend ..
 When I was on my way home all of a sudden my phone was ringing 


Me: Hello..

Afiq: Hello, Lie mu kat mane dah tu?

Me: Aku still kat Jerteh..nape?

Afiq: Weyh, Lin eksiden ah....

Me: Hah?? *mouth agape*

Afiq: Mu gi tengok dia jap...ak pom on the way dah ni

Me: Erm ok2...

*I was actually visualizing Leen bleeding on her forehead, cracked bone, lying unconsciously in her driver seat, and her car was inside the parit ( the monsoon drain )...*

As I got this phone call, I quickly rocketed my car towards the crash scene..
And once I got there I could see she was actually smiling, Afiq and Dauh were already there sitting on a bench with her... 

and again my imagination has told a lie to me......
these are few pictures taken when i was there...*Fadzleen dont hate me, I am too gorgeous for u to hate me..hehehe...

*p/s: aw btw guys it wasnt her fault...

Most important thing * WNY-Wan Nor Yuhaidi, maintain kekal disitu*

Hahahaha...side mirror yg tercabut

Side mirror tercabut, front bumper almost tercabut, tayar depan pancit

Can u see the hole? No wonder la pecah

2 dudes were actually trying to fix the car...but to no avail

Ok erm this fella,the one who's holding the wire was actually trying to be smart..

N lastly instead of us helping Fadzleen changed the tyre, those uncle2 yg sedang baiki parit tolong tuka

Done, fadzleen hepi*erm bile mase dia xhepi..sepanjang eksiden ni hepy jer dia xcuak pom*
Moral of the story:- As a boy I need to learn how to change the punctured tyre, or else I'll be one of those schmuck who knew nothing when it came to changing my own tyre... *Bukan ak jer yg bodoh tak reti tukaq tayar...mereka 2 orang tu pom I tak malu...hahahaha* (lau ak je sowang yg xreti of coz ak tak tulis sini...hahahaha)

 Changing the tyre is very easy actually, and now I know how to change my own tyre.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Instant update..

Hye guys!! has been a week for me not to update my blog...

So here i am updating my blog, this time I wont talk much as this week is a week that full of things which is trifles to be said I have just returned from shopping mall well frankly I am quite exhausted but knowing the fact that it has been a week for me not to update my blog so here I am again laying my numb fingers on the keyboard to try my best with the collaboration with my half-witted brain to try to jot something for this entry...

Ala tomey!!
Well, when I was in shopping mall..I was thinking about shopping for some clothes, perfumes and few executive outfits  but, I really need to save for me to be able to get my own kitten... I have told mum that I wanna buy persian kitten...and she did not really see eye to eye to the idea of me buying persian kitten aged in between 3-4 weeks which would cost me about RM 500... Yep it's quite expensive but it is worth to buy something that would benefit me in return..

So what are the benefits of having persian kitten.

1. They are cute
2. They are adorable
3. They help us to ease the stress and the pain that we are suffering from all kinds of problem
4. Educate us to be responsible
5.  Making us more mature (because lot of people told me that I am not mature,although Im already 20)

So in order for me to have my own cute,adorable,gorgeous, fluffy persian kitten I have to cut down my shopping list....Then, to make myself happier I went to Popular book stores and get myself a few magazines. I thought of having novel or self-enrichment reading material but since I havent finish my reading on 'Think Big', so I get myself 2 magazines instead...

That's all for now...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dump your weight now...

Getting rid of weight for those who are obese is something not easy I’d say. I’ve experienced all of those agonies, ordeals, suffering and whole lot more. But those are the things that you have to pay in order for you to get a good life and there is no shortcut for you to dump your weight. You need to really take care of what you are eating and also must be balanced with a regular exercise and most importantly keep your mind above of what people gonna say to you (coz they are just a group of envious schmuck!!) ... 

Trust in yourself that you’r capable of getting rid of all the lards that have been haunted your life for over a decade. Although your weight never caused you to fall victim to any form of discrimination, it stripped you off with something vital which is your self-esteem. This consequently, might affect your ability to live the life the way you always wanted. The culprit???? Nasi Lemak, Teh tarik, Roti canai, fried chicken( just to name a few) it’s all about food and food and more food. I was this kind of boy before, the kind of wasn’t picky when it came to eating and I had the tendency to finish off everything on the table.(Dashyat gilew ah kau)
This wasn’t too much about looking handsome, beautiful but it’s more to be looking healthier and living life without the needs of prescription to colourful pills prescribed by your doctor for every disease that you most probably could avoid it by living your life in a better way which is healthy lifestyle. (But once kau dah kurus, of coz la ko nak explore butik-butik yg memang tak kan ade baju mase kau gemuk..Jefferson, Topman-(just to name a few) memang tak buat kot baju-baju bersaiz XXXXL.

When it comes to choosing my food, I tend to be very fussy about that, and whenever I go to Pasar Malam I would be the most guy that you always wanna kill him in the first time you meet him coz I am one of those finicky human being and very fussy about picking my food, and you should be because it is your life and your body. 

If you guys still remember my entry on ‘ANOTHER BIGGEST LOSER ASIA’, for those who haven’t read, you can click here to read and for those who have read thank you again, I was very fat and these are some tips that I’ve followed.

  a)You need to have your own wake up call
  • As for me, I bored to be continuously taunted verbally and non-verbally by my friends as     ‘GENDUT’... Most of them put my name in their contact as ‘SADDLY-DUTT/ SADDLY BONCHET....and back in school they called me  with unpleasant name such as Gendut, buncit.....and the rest I’ll leave to ur own imagination..
  • I got curious about how different life would be if I were in shape. Determined to find out I began making the lifestyle changes necessary

 b)  The food
  •  Do not hate food but hate yourself for picking the wrong food.
  • I overhaul my diet to consist of mainly vegetables, fruit, and proteins (eggs, lean meat,  breast chicken, almonds and nuts)
c)   Exercise regularly
  • You can always begin with a brisk walking in the evening and later on switching to slow jog around your campus or neighbourhood.
  • As for me, I am pretty quite shy to jog in front of public and instead of having my jog around the campus and neighbourhood I chose to do that on the treadmill in the gym.
  • Lifting weight. You can always lift the weight by lifting dumbbell and you can actually get your own at any fitness concept or any gym. By having this dumbbell you can always do this lifting weight thingy in your room anytime
  • Equally important dont be too-over-exercise as it can leads you to a fatigued look.

d)  Stay motivated

  • I have some photos of John Abraham pictures as it can boost my motivation to stay on my running, lifting the damned weight just only to be like his body.
  • and if some of you guys now saying bad things about me about to be like John Abraham why in the hell or heaven should me be bothered? I’ll use that as my trigger point to work harder.
  •  When you remind yourself why you exercise, it’s easy to stay motivated.
  • Your physical condition plays a big part in the success you’ll have. It’s how you look and feel and really it’s everything.

Last word from me, as a student and also a human being, you are supposed to think about having big things and do not afraid to think big and if your life is not what you want it to be, don’t be afraid to ask yourself whether you are doing what you want and what is right for you.

For those who are still lost in between of what you are supposed to do in your life and what you ought to do to achieve your dreams I’ll suggest to get a copy of ‘Think Big”( Donald Trump and Bill Zanker) at any book stores.


aw btw, u can always ignore these fellow schmucks!!

Ok dah penat...nak amik gamba lak..hahaha(dont hate me)

wah afiq dah kurus...hehehehe

Hey lard ass...come on u can do it!!! hehehe

The crazy would always be crazy..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Maulidur Rasul

Happy maulidur rasul to all moslem...

Marilah kita berselawat ke atas junjungan besar Nabi Muhammad S.A.W semoga kita mendapat syafaat...

صَـلَّى اللهُ عَـلَى مُحَمَّد صَـلَّى اللهُ عَـلَيْهِ وَسَـلَّم

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Do not hate me for this!! are u keeping guys??

Well I hope ur keeping good...hehehehehe

Well this time entry I just wanna tell you what I’ve been doing last fews days with my lunatic friends...
Honestly speaking I love to spend my time with them, life in this IPG is seemed to be getting better faster than I thought what it supposed to take. It’s something good for me as I can cope to the environment faster and making more and more friends. Well even though it had been a dream for me to pursue my studies to University instead of IPG but I’ve actually somehow could accept the fact of being IPG student and its cool for me...

By and large, life can be as exciting or as boring as you make it. Too many people have told that they feel bored, idle even and they are waiting for something and to get home to get them excited. Ok Im telling you here and now, it doesn’t work!!! To fight the minutia of the unending loop between studies, stuffy and musty environment, assignment and a whole lot more you need to actively seek out your own excitement...and to do that it’s all rely upon yourself...and equally important you have to bear in your mind that there’s always some people out there would chastise and criticize us for what we are going to do or what we have been doing...I have a simple rule ‘ JUST DONT GIVE A DAMN...LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!’ 

 This picture was taken during Mr. Zaki's class, he was distributing a piece of paper with some sellotape being being pasted on the paper...and we were asked to write something on that paper which later being pasted on our back...well I found that this game was so much fun as we can actually know what were friends think about these were what they thought about me...

 1. Dont go home often
2. Do not go home often
3. so sexy
4.So bald-stop dreaming to be a model, u just a teacher
5. Be more caring & sharing
6. Be more independent
7. Please obey all the rules
8. Have a good relationship with Mr. Anuar
9. Drive car slowly
10. No need to diet, skinny!
11. Dont be imprudent! Dont diet!
12. Do not copy others work
13. Dont be too fanatic about blog
14. Be more sensitive to others
15. Please gain ur weight
16. Dont look too arrogant,  dont diet too much, ur ok with ur size dude...

Hahahaha... I like no. 3 & 4...heheheh (ok dah2)

Berfoto-foto dalam kelas..
3 stooges!!

Watermelon VS Pineapple

The angel: My dear! That's oily!!
The devil: Shut up schmuck!! Saddly eat it up...its effing delicious...

Akibat terlebih makan...

Azrul( the psycho) Aidil ( Zaquan Adha wannabe)

Ok...u guys can oways ignore these people...

ijat,me n the wicked waka..

Among of those exciting moments, there was something that almost impossible happened to me...
Well pretty damn straight forward...Fatin Liyana  had caught me commenting on Miss anna's blog
This miss Anna had actually wrote something about her and I commented on her entry about this Fatin Liyana and to my most astonishment is that when Fatin Liyana herself replied to my comment and I was like being beheaded the moment I saw her reply...Ok to tell u the truth, I was screaming like a mad!! ok tak percaya kew??? ok here I included the evidence...*bukak mata besaq-besaq*

Ak cakap tadi tak caye...hah!! kan da nanges air mata darah tengok....


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

EWWW!!! are you guys doing????

This gonna be a very short update...well have you guys seen this blog??

No havent?? U guys gotta see his blog...As for me Im really proud of him because of these two things..

1. He is a TESL student in IPGM PULAU PINANG(so good to see another cekghu-to-be from IPG)
2. His videos are so cooooooooool!!!!! especially this...


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Supernatural VS Tipu Kanan Tipu Kiri


Last week during the Chinese new year I was doing nothing but being at home and watching Supernatural. When I was on my adventure with those 2 stunning brothers in Supernatural, all of a sudden...

Umi: Awak tak de movie-movie best kew lam laptop? Mi bosan nih..

Me: Mi, oghe guna laptop ni untuk belajar jew...benda-benda yang LAGHA cam tuh tak de ah.

Correction(me): tengah tengok supernatural ni...

Umi: Cito orang putih sokmo....tak dop cito melayu koh...
Me: Jap....ermmm ade-ade...

Umi: Cita gapo?

Me: Damping Malam...

Umi: Cerita hantu koh?

Me: Ho..

Umi: Tok se cerita hantu...

Me: cito indon campur dgn Melayu raso....( while forwarding the movie )

Umi: Bolehlah....

Well to be honest, I didn’t like this movie at the beginning, I wanna watch Supernatural instead, but my mum ‘ Ala tengok ni la kejap lepas tu sambung tengok Supernatural balik!!’  however on catching Natasha Hudson starring on the movie, my soul started to shout...Yeah!! This is gonna be cool!!!...well Natasha Hudson is a super stuff!!... hehehehe...

Well this time entry is not gonna be the entry for this movie or Natasha Hudson, this time entry I just wanna share my experience with you guys...Have you guys seen this movie? No, haven’t??? Gosh! Ok I’ll tell you a little bit about this movie but you must watch this movie on your own, because there is no way in the hell that Im gonna tell you everything about it...

Ok this story is began with this young handsome guy married to a superstar known as Wulan. The problem started when Rudy can’t reveal their marriage to public as Wulan still in the contract of no marriage or otherwise she had to renew the contract or something like that (ain’t really sure about that)... Moving on, when Rudy managed to get a job and accidentally he told his boss about his status as a married guy and his boss asked him to bring his wife to a party at his abode. Rudy can’t take his wife to that party or otherwise people would know that his wife is actually a superstar. So from there he pays for this woman (Natasha Hudson) to play her role as a wife of him. The complication is getting vile as she eventually fallen in love with Rudy however Rudy is a type of this woman man.... So what Im trynna say here is is so painful when somebody that we love whole-heartedly turned us down... I could feel that...Sigh!!!

So watching Natasha being rejected by that stupid guy had actually made me to recall about those  puppies love of mine...(hahahaha...macam la banyak sangat cinta kau)...
Ok here the real part begins....

Have you ever fallen in love??? Im sure lots of u guys out there have experienced’s so heaven right???

Well to be honest, I got this crush when I was in Form 1...don’t you think that it’s too early for me?? Yup I think so.... Well Im just a boy who got his crush on this girl and to tell you the truth we have been friends like for 2 months and then I sent her few of chain letters that I put under her desk when the time she went for her break... to think again it was a stupidest thing I ever done...hahaha so funny owh gosh Im so stupid back then....then our relationship goes nowhere as she moved to Perak..for the first and second months we were just talking through phone and when my mum discovered the bill she had urged me to tell the true and I dont tell her I just keep it in my heart...(Yup Umi I called this girl and we were talking like for-EVAZ and that was the reason why the bill was so expensive... sury Umi..hahahahaha) well I dont think ur gonna read this....

 Then when I was in form 2, again I got this crush on this girl...named N***A G********E.... I don’t wanna talk on this so much because the story is just the same to the previous one...and again our relationship goes nowhere as she moved to KL....

Form 3, I dont have any crush and I can focus on my study as I got PMR..n alhamdullilah the result was quite well..

Form 4, yup again I got this crush on this girl... this girl was so hot... She was a school prefect and this had driven me to submit my name to disciplinary department of my school for me to be able to be a school prefect... One day, i was in a deep keen to show up very early in school and something to my astonishment when I saw her sitting at her place in her classroom....well we are not from the same class, she was in art stream class and I was in science stream class.... I stupidly, crazily, made my romeo move to approach her... For the first time I was just talking to her about random things and bitching something trifles to her....but yet she seemed like pleased to have me around her...(hahahaha or maybe it was just my illusion).... then our relationship goes to a couple thingy stage where we kept texting each other, talking through phone like for ages every day and every morning just before heading to class we were like standing in front of the class and chattering-chattering-chattering.... and after approximately 4 months coupling...something stupid happen and again our relationship goes nowhere...we broke up or maybe i’ll choose the proper word called off the relationship due to something that unavoidable.

Form 5...nothing happen in this stage... Well I was so lucky not to have any crisis in the year that I have important exam...

UiTM...Well to be honest, I’ve had my eye on this girl.... I successfully managed myself to get her phone number from her friend and luckily she didn’t declined me at the very first place, and it was a good thing for me..However its too late for me as I discovered that she already in a relationship which actually had driven me mad for a few days of knowing the fact that she is taken and to make the situation worse she and again the history seemed to be repeated over again when she dropped her status as UiTM student in order for her to be what she had craved for and meaning to say that she had moved to other university...Good luck for her and now we are just friend.....

Currently- Well Im just here.... in a process of making a life-changing endeavour, Im still young, wanna achieve my dream, wanna be an excellent student.... aw btw...Guys wish for my luck!!!!....