Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hello people!!!

Assalamualaikum hype people my name is Saddly Saljie..that is so real, undeniable..
most people said im just created this name but the real is nope at all..this is my real,GENUINE name!!!!

Ok enough of living my life here had drove me nut and it is unstoppable...(i wish that someday I can enjoy my life here to the fullest)..
As a repercussion of that, the life had forced me to come up with this blog!!!he3..which initially I think blog is such a BS!!!

Why am I saying this!!! previously when i was in UiTM, I've seen lots of ma frens activated and signed in into their blog, and I also have the intention of creating blog as they were...

However my lovely roommate (former roomate of UiTM)which also known as Mr.SeRoCK once said that.."mu nok wak blog!!!rajin bena ni banyok konteh, kne nulis sokmo supo ngn ore tino..!!!" maybe not really as exact of those which i've mentioned just now but one thing for certain he had said something like that...then I've decided not to blogging until today where I have nothing much to do in this god4saken!!!

Aneway I like to read this blog, this is a fren of mine, teslian of UiTM kuantan and currently she is now doing her B.Ed TESL in UM...she wrote about anything that lingering around her but yet still interesting and she actually can draw a smile on my face...thnx neway mybe you wont be noticed of this but i just wanted to say this and maybe not too much if I say ..."You have inspired me into the world of blogging!!!..

I'v talked a lot...need to go 4 a shower eventhough it is freezing cold but i musnt abandoned my shower..

P/S: BTW thnx to Husna Mohamed for lending me ur hand in order 4 me to be a blogger!!!thnx a lot...


Husna Mohamed said...

seb baek ada mention...kalo x aku hack blog kau...hahaha (evil laugh ye. bukan ketawa riang kanak2 ribena)

anyway. happy blogging sad. njoy;)

Saddly Saljie said...

hehehehehe...thnx again husna

maryam said...

uihhhh saddlyy....terharu :) :)

x sgke...huu...thank u! ^ ^

ps; ske bce blog hang, klaka :p (jujur nih)

Saddly Saljie said...

hahahaha...thnxs alsooo..
maryam keep on writing i love ultraman story..

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