Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chef at home

Last week my mum wasn’t at home for a day, she left the house as soon as she got a phone call from my cousin telling her that she was on the verge of labouring to her first daughter....on catching the word “Chik (a call for my mum in the midst of my cousins) sakit doh ni!!! (something definitely like this as i wasn’t there when she phoned my mum)...and as soon as that she left the house...well my mum is a good auntie's proven!!!

Frankly speaking I was still on my was 5 am in the morning when she phoned my mum and for certain I was still sleeping soundly...Out of nowhere, my mum’s face was popping up in front of my sleepy face telling me that she had to go somewhere...I was so sleepy and I didn’t pay much attention to her briefing but barely managed to capture ‘HOSPITAL’.... ‘BERANAK’ ..... ‘BELI’..... ‘DUIT’..... ‘MAKAN’ ..... ‘ASSALAMUALAIKUM’....

As I woke up that morning, I know I had to buy my breakfast....well having breakfast with nasi bungkus and a cup of tea wasn’t so healthy... so i decided to make on my own... After spending a decade rummaging my fridge finally i had found Honey which is pure or Pure Honey (hahaha), eggs and Uncle Sloccum’s bread on the dining table...

From there I got an idea of dipping bread into the eggs and then fry it on the non-sticky frying make it more healthy no cooking oil or butter being used in my breakfast...and then pour some honey on it... It’s brill to munch it with some honey dripping into your palm every time you try to eat it’s so simple, delicious and yet healthy... then lastly a cup of hot milo( well i was trying to provide myself with a glass of milk but it seemed like the milk had already finished and the last resort hot milo, and hot milo would do for me then) with some milky choc bar being melted into the hot milo and then settled in my comfy couch and turned the tv on then press 413 (STAR MOVIES) then dived in the morning movie while sipping the hot milo... just imagine!!!!!...Well it’s wonderful to kick-start your day!!!!

Around 10.30 am I drove to white sand city, and being a white sander there is no other choices to get your groceries except in the World’s Prestigious Supermarket 
                                                           E-C-O-N-J-A-Y-A (hahaha)

                                                 so here the foods that I bought:

 Boneless chicken breast,
Green apple
Lettuce leaf
Thousand Islands
Dutch Lady Low-Fat milk
Grill fish paste
(Actually I’ve been looking for Grill chicken paste; however there was no such paste available, so grill fish paste would do for me then)

PDF, (Pretty Damn Straightforward).... 
I am gonna cook!!!!!!!! Well Im a good cook!! 
So for the lunch I grilled the chicken with ADABI grill fish paste,(well, its yummy)

and I put slices of orange on the chicken..

Well honestly I said it shouldn’t be orange(I saw Paula Deen put slices of lemons just before grilling the chicken and the same thing goes to Michael Smith)  and since I forgot to buy lemons so oranges would do…hahahaha ( its still producing the same sour juices ryte so?? No biggie…)
Now, put the grill-soon chicken into the microwave for about 15 mins…(hahahaha)

While waiting for the chicken…

I began the next work by cutting the fruit on the chopping board

Cut the fruits into pieces
Then soon after the microwave took the time off for the grilling, the well-done cook chicken was then ready to be served!!!
Put all the chopped fruits and leaves of lettuce on a plate then put the grilled chicken breast on the top of it and also with some thousand islands to enhance the taste and finally

THERE YOU ARE…..A plateful of chicken-fruit salad….

Well it makes me full for the rest of the hours…it’s worth to cook up for
Last words from me..... Its delicious and I am not that bad by the way..

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another biggest loser..

                     “Saddly ur previous weight was 95 kgs and ur current weight is..??”

Tik!! Tik!! Tik!! (Electronic scale bleeping)...

“And ur current weight is 68 kgs...u’ve just lost 27 kgs that’s really a good number Saddly...Congratulation!!”

Hahahaha...well im always imagine my self competing in the biggest loser programme so would u excuse me for this, another silly of me...

Anyway dont forget to catch The Biggest Loser Asia 2 on Diva Universal... 

Well, frankly speaking I am always on the verge of tears whenever I caught them on the tv, as though I was there with them competing and racing on the treadmill, lifting weight, and whatnots just only to lose weight and stay on the competition and not to get expelled but in reality I am just an ordinary viewer who stuck in front of tv and watch them in agonies and sometimes burst out laughing... 

Watching the biggest loser make me to recall the memory of mine last fews years ago which I loathed so much...

       So here the real part begins...

To be a better person in the life is not an easy task to be accomplished. Everything has its own price which is not always requires wad of cash for the payment, it is beyond than that...cries, tears, ordeals seemed to be the best companion in fact they are the best ever lived with you. They are just so brill!!! As they can move people and change people into a better person although not for the whole world but at least for his/her family, society, someone or maybe for his/her own self... 

I have a completely bored life back then in primary school...Maybe lots of u guys were having awesome moments in your school, they had rocked your world but that wasn’t meant for me...

‘BUNCIT!! TONG GAS!! GORILLA!! GENDUT!! KEMBUNG!! BUNTAL!! Anything u name it...these calls had loyally occupied my days....and I was the biggest pathetic loser back then and it made me piss off at everything.. I hardly couldn’t remember when was the last time I’ve had lived my life to the fullest...I grew eccentric and grew even lot more odd than usual... 

Every day in the school was a pure hell for me, where I’ve been totally ostracized and chastised by most of students... And all again because of those bloody adipose tissues which had infested and consumed my body for a decade!!! I was born so freaking cute (matter-of-factly), but due to some eating disorders which I’ve suffered over years I finally turn to be a flabby, chubby, podgy and the list goes on and on... 

One day I picked a photo of a boy unmistakeably in his 5-6 years old ...I could see a boy and there was no button on his shirt looked as if they were about to pop at any moment could be seen, all I could see is that the button were neatly done on his bulging stomach, no flabby and no nothing. Just a figure and he looked healthier and after a deep scrutinizing into the photo yes the boy inside the photo was actually me... I was wondering how I could be like that again..

 No doubt, I have to go for a diet...DIET!!! It was a massive word for me and I don’t even know how to start. I was thinking of those slimming pills and anything that came to me which can help me to haemorrhage those bloody fat, and knowing how danger could they be I have to let them go and in fact I was in my thirteenth when I went for a diet for the very first time and how on earth that I would get those bucks to afford those pills. Had to say bye to those slimming pills then!!...

Yes I went for a diet when I was 13...incredibly young at that time and had no idea of how to begin with...All I know was I have to cut my junk food meaning to say I had to decline Mcd, Kfc and yada-yada...  starting from that day onwards I only take a glass of milk and a toasted bread to kick-start my day,  for the lunch I only ate 6 tbsp of rice (only for a year,nearly) with non-santan gravy, no fried dishes for lunch and if only I have really to eat it I would bring my own tissues to absorb the oil from those fried dishes... a boiled egg and fews fish balls for dinner...and the rest of the day I went for veggie and low-carb, low-fat, no cholesterol, and to make the list shorter, everything that I want to buy and eat I will have to study their nutrition facts emphasizing on the cholesterol, fat and ingredients contents. Yes it was extremely hard for me and most of my family did not even support me, they were just making fun at me....

I could still remember my aunt said “ Just forget it u wont make it!!” that was really harsh for me, I couldnt take those words for a heaven sake!!  Fortunately my parents were really brill and supportive.... I owe awfully huge gratitude for my parents without which, the new Saddly Saljie would most absolutely never have been born...

Endeavour and a blend of patience and pray should do the trick... and after fews years under the program which I’ve created on my own without the help from a trainer of The Biggest Loser Asia and regional fitness manager at Fitness First Asia , Dave Nuku I successfully managed to get myself a better life in which I never had one before. Talking about getting in shape and actually doing it are two entirely separate entities and for those who lack the will, I would suggest to take a leaf out of MH’s magazine. 

So, what I am actually wanna say here is that you can do anything and you are what u think you are...And also credit to men’s health magazine for all of their guidelines, advices, and a lot more...


“Positive acknowledgement of your achievements is one of the most powerful motivational tools, as it reinforces the benefits of setting and achieving goals while encourages more of the same attitude and behaviour”...Dave Nuku

HOLY CRAP!!!! Yup this is me...year 2004 (the year when I went for diet)
I was wearing red necktie..(2004) current weight 95 kgs...that wasnt normal weight for a 13 years old boy

my granny, me(2004, 95 kgs), my dad
Rais Samba, me(2003 year 6, 84 kgs), Ashraf Yusof

Me(5-6 years)

me(2010, 68 kgs, hahaha), syamim,taufiq,aidil, afiq(headless),firdauz..

Well, that's all for now...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

UFO in grandpa's abode!!!!

Hola again..
Well I quite can say that I pretty much busy last fews days with lots of things to be done..need to keep my mum company and it’s always like this nothing much changed which for sometimes I really wish that I have big brothers n fews sisters and that would be perfect and I may not always be the one who need to be with my mum whenever she off for  shop...!!! well whenever it comes to my mind, I think this is what Allah wanted me to be.. being with mum whenever she goes and whatever she does!!
Huh let’s leave that part off.....nothing considerably interesting!!!

Moving on to the topic that i wanna talk about and this isn’t about me it was a story of my family tyke..a nasty tyke of my uncle I would say..

All of this began a night before Aidiladha where all mums were busy doing their usual work preparing anything that should be prepared just before the day, dads were halves busy chattering, not to mention about their generous contribution to the world, contributing a wisp of toxin into the fresh air which sooner or later could kill all of us and the rest of residents nearby, some of us teenagers texting, fb-ing, and watching movies, well I picked movie. 

We were watching movie and for that we picked Avatar....on catching the blue people fought in the movie, all of a sudden ‘ AVATAR!!!!’...then hordes and dozens of kids hurriedly made their way and glued in front of grandpa’s medieval tv, they were all backing us and we were being diminished into a group of stupid monkeys who were trying to watch the movie but eventually need to entertain their trillion questions!!! ‘WHAT IS THAT??’... ‘WHERE THE HELL IS THAT FROM’....WHAT’S GOING ON?’ and the list of bloody questions that need to be answered goes on and on......

The next following day...the day where all muslims all over the globe were celebrating our special day which known as Eid adha or hari raya qurban the day where all the cows, camels, goats and anything similar to them were being slaughtered and then cook their meat yummy isn’t it??( still couldn’t forget of how on earth that the meat are just so incredibly  delicious when it turn to be soup, gulai,singgan and a lot more..)

cut it off!!!! ....

My little cousins were still get carried away with the insanity of blue people, during the ceremony where the beef being chopped into cubes they were still trying to find the bloody antenna at the cow’s head and  we were all watched with amusement at their world is so heaven everything is just happening to them!!!
The time is arrived, the meats have been washed and now my cousin had already set up a broiler where all of us later can enjoy the fresh barbecues!!! SPLENDID....

My aunt was once said that “ What was it with men and barbecues? Maybe because it was the only way that they could actually cook.” 
(which is bullshit I would say...)

Yep I was too wondering why is every time we have barbecues the man would took the whole thing incredibly seriously and stood by the grill constantly, watching over the food so keen!!!! Or maybe all of us are bunch of closet pyromaniacs...erm..!!! but all the greatest chef around the world are all men!!!...
I was so busy pricking my grilled meat when ‘UFO!! UFO!! UFO!!’ the little devil ran outside nakedly towards his father who calmly chewing grilled meat at the patio doors... ‘ Abah ade UFO la kat tandas tu!! Hakim tak nak la berak kat situ!!...We were gawking at each other..and then slowly I approached my uncle and began to ask him...
“Ayah Pa, gapo UFO sakni???”
“Ha-Ha...Unidentified Floating Object!!”  he smirked.

By listen to the floating word I could already made an assumption that the UFO is actually floating SHITE....hahahahaha....damn you hakim ....shitty UFO....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Being a teslian is one of the greatest thing likely to be happen to me....

I could still remember the day when I held my SPM result,  I was with my 3 stooges at that time...
They are Mohamed Zulkifli, Tengku Mohamad Afiq Billah and Wan Mohd Afif..these 3 loyal stooges are loyally accompanied me and always be with me in my ups and downs..thanks again...
Zul held his result and smirking evilly, while bala looked do apek...

Starting from that day a new phase of my life is already made their journey...I was so thrilled and soon as I got home mum hugged me while my tok cik looked on proudly..(at that moment I was like being banged by a huge wave of tsunami) all of a sudden I felt so embarrassing for my mum reaction which can be considered as "overreact"...and “unnecessary”

Here come my dad, my dad was asking about my result and after a while he raised his voice " kalu tengok atas result ni abah rasa awak kene pohon TESL atau LAW..

He left me with no any other options except for TESL and LAW...and since I am not really into HISTORY, I had refused LAW and with a heavy heart I manoeuvred my mouse and finally managed to click on the ASASI TESL UiTM... while mak jue looked on..(At that moment I was so pretty obscure n messed up whether Im doing the right thing or not for my future)....

As soon as that I got a letter which required me to attend an interview just before I could embark on my tesl life.... I went for an interview in UiTM Machang which is not really far away from my hometown..there were lots of interviewees and most of them were from Kelantan and Terengganu. Honestly speaking, they were looking so unfriendly and I hardly could find someone to talk to...I  spent most of my time by laying my handsome thumb (hehehe) on the keypad, kept on texting my buds and as ever none of those bullshitter replied not even a single word...bullshit!!!!!

Without realising my name had been paged for several times by a petite lady which I once believed her to be my interviewer but actually she’s nott..

The interview went well (I guess so).......then after a while I successfully managed to get into the course....(SPLENDID)..

I don’t want to talk about the MMS (MINGGU MESRA SISWA) let’s forget about it..


Once upon a time...(ok that’s so not necessary)
The very first time I stepped my feet into the class of TESL B..I was so thrilled...
I made fews of fwens, they were Pok Jak, Syaz, Badrul, and few more....we talked n talked n talked and we were talking to each other in English and KL....hahahaha..(we still haven’t found each other background)...we kept on speaking in English and once the lecturer coming, she instructed us to introduce our selves....when it’s came to our turn, I stood up and begin to introduce my self...
“My name is Mohd Saddly Bin Mohd not call me Sad..Saddly is much preferably..”
“I am from Kelantan, Pasir Puteh”(It’s absolutely something like this)
Some said:Tahik,la mg ore kelate!!!!
Me: Holah mg ore mano?
Anonymous: aku pom ore kelate jugop..ak duk kota bharu...hahaha
                     bobok molep kte kecek kot ingeris..
Me: holah ak igt ken mg ore kl ko mne..kecek luar ak hahahaha...

Moral of the story: don’t judge a book by its cover..or in this case do not judge people without even asking or in other case do nOt judge people by looking at their hair (terpancak(Mohawk)=macam setan)....For the people out there plez Im begging stop judging people from their appearances!!!

Well the clock struck sharply at 12.30 blanket and pillow sitting gorgeously on my bed waiting for me to be in their embrace...excuse me guys!!! I have something to do with them...I better off now...t c ya!!! Bye2

Sunday, November 7, 2010



If only I can turn the time back into the moment where I can always be there with you guys...:-(

me,najiha elyani(black scarf),weyda(white scarf),am(blue scarf)

From the left: Faris, Achik,me,Amir and Menyor

p/s: from the above picture, you guys can ignore my checkered shirt(that was awfully hideous outfit ever)...
Seriously I said I only wear this shirt twice and then when I brought this shirt home dad started to growl of how on earth that I can have the heart to buy this shirt..he3.. and now looking at this picture yes I can proudly say my dad is always right about this thing...

These picture(above) taken when I was studying in UiTM Kampus Kuantan 2. This campus is effing small but lots of things happened here, I made a lot of friends and that was what making my short staying become more memorable and forgetful...I just love to be there. Everything was so simple from the food, people, lecturers or even the safety guards...he3

From the left: BAD-ron, Idris(IPBA TESLIAN), syaz(which i didnt know of his whereabouts)

UiTM Teslians A,B,C (there are some of them were no longer become teslian)

I could only draw a fake grin on my face...I turned my head around..there is no one else friends arent here anymore, everything was not just the same as before where we could laughing, fucking around, creating awfully silly joke, or even burst into tears... I could still remember, whenever we dont have the lectures we would simply said.."MEGA" and later on we slowly,steadily made our way to Megamall which only took 10 minutes by walking(roughly estimated..Havent done any research on this info yet)... I was having so much fun and writing this had made me thinking of them..

POK JAK(the father of TESL B)
AM(the best adopted auntie ever)
AMIR(the gedix-est boy)
ACHIK(portable skull model)
YAK(bad pretender)
A'A(the owner of JELIRA)
ZUZU(keep on mentioning "SARANGEE" whenever I bumped into her)
CT JAH(ucu)
SYAZ(the best shemale(shasha) actorresss(combination of both gender)
JIHA(nerdy girl turns to gorgeous..>dont tell her of what i've just said
EIKA(a good teacher and tutor)
ALIF BURHANUDDIN(biase je lah kan..ha3(this is our lingo))

and the name list would goes on and on and on
(I am so sorry for not mentioning others name..SORRY)
p/s:alif=kash..he's actually wanna be in the list so here he is..i;ve just editted

Thanks to you guys for making my year in UiTM delightfully, lovely and I am kinda love you guys for everything that we have done together...


Hello people!!!

Assalamualaikum hype people my name is Saddly Saljie..that is so real, undeniable..
most people said im just created this name but the real is nope at all..this is my real,GENUINE name!!!!

Ok enough of living my life here had drove me nut and it is unstoppable...(i wish that someday I can enjoy my life here to the fullest)..
As a repercussion of that, the life had forced me to come up with this blog!!!he3..which initially I think blog is such a BS!!!

Why am I saying this!!! previously when i was in UiTM, I've seen lots of ma frens activated and signed in into their blog, and I also have the intention of creating blog as they were...

However my lovely roommate (former roomate of UiTM)which also known as Mr.SeRoCK once said that.."mu nok wak blog!!!rajin bena ni banyok konteh, kne nulis sokmo supo ngn ore tino..!!!" maybe not really as exact of those which i've mentioned just now but one thing for certain he had said something like that...then I've decided not to blogging until today where I have nothing much to do in this god4saken!!!

Aneway I like to read this blog, this is a fren of mine, teslian of UiTM kuantan and currently she is now doing her B.Ed TESL in UM...she wrote about anything that lingering around her but yet still interesting and she actually can draw a smile on my face...thnx neway mybe you wont be noticed of this but i just wanted to say this and maybe not too much if I say ..."You have inspired me into the world of blogging!!!..

I'v talked a lot...need to go 4 a shower eventhough it is freezing cold but i musnt abandoned my shower..

P/S: BTW thnx to Husna Mohamed for lending me ur hand in order 4 me to be a blogger!!!thnx a lot...