Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hi there

Assalamualaikum peeps!!

This entry is gonna be a real quick entry, it’s just I want you to know that now I’m on twitter. Do check out my twitter account @saddlysaljie. 

 That's all for now guys. I'll get back to you very soon once I've finished with my final examination.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I could just sail farther into my slumber, but I can’t. My body was too tired. Knowing the fact that the final exam is drawing closer, I became restless. Too restless that I can’t sail into my slumber. And now the watch struck sharply at 3.00 am in the morning and still I couldn’t close my eyes. This has become same routine since the last semester when there’s a final exam strike, my body schedule goes uncontrolled meaning that my sleeping hours is not that healthy, where 7-8 hours of sleep recommended by many doctors and fitness-freaks. 
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Earlier on I’ve been engulfed on 2 cups of Ipoh White Coffee, and I think the caffeine had gotten into my mind that I couldn’t sleep up till now! It is so scary that there are a lot of possibilities where I might not do well in my final. Come what may, I need to be ready. Wish me luck and sorry for this trashy update.