Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An evening with Datuk Karam Singh Walia

An evening with Datuk Karam Singh Walia is a talk show which was being held at the main hall of our campus yesterday on 24th April 2012. It was such a relief to finally complete the event. Now we can finally enjoy our precious time for ourselves, without even bothering of going to the meeting after meeting just only to ensure the event would run smoothly. 

Now let the pictures do the talking

Datuk Karam Singh Walia was caught acclimatising with all of the lecturers from Department of Languages

The attentive audience

 The student council

The jovial face of Vejaya and Pavi

The non-stop working crews

Some colleagues

Pavi and his unbearable excitement face

Datuk while giving his talk

Some random teacher-guy with his long-lost students. Muni & Jiha

That's all for now

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Karam Singh in the town!!!!

Dato' Karam Singh Walia (Image courtesy of google)

  Assalamualaikum peeps!

It’s been forever since my last entry. Life doesn’t make any easier for me, resulting less time for me to enjoy my life. Today I take this opportunity to write again. So where to begin?

First I’d like to tell you that supposedly tomorrow 22/4/2012, we are going to have our second event organised by the Tesl Group KSM which is Lingua Odyssey. Lingua Odyssey is just like language week where all the activities are being planned to maximise the use of English throughout the whole week of Lingua Odyssey. There are few activities which have been planned such as Theatre, Explorace, Action Song, Photography competition, Graffiti competition, an evening with Dato’ Karam Singh Walia and few more which I don’t remember. Oh yup, I am in charge of Theatre, so I am the director and also the script writer, I’ll get back to you on this later.

Unfortunately, last Monday one of our beloved lecturers had just passed away, where apparently he collapsed at the lobby where there were few other colleagues of him talking at that time. He collapsed and I afraid that was the only I can recall since I wasn’t there when the incident happens. I was in the classroom, when the announcement was made telling that he had just left us.  Since our lecturer had just gone, the big event Lingua Odyssey has to be put on hold as an act of respecting the deceased/Allahyarham and the bereaved. However, since we’ve confirmed the date with our guest of honour, Dato’ Karam Singh Walia, the talk show needs to be proceeding according to the plan. 

He is expected to be in our campus on this 24th April, which is on Tuesday. For those who doesn’t know him, “Where’s on earth have you been? Mars?” Since Karam Singh Walia will be here, I think I want to ask him few questions. The question that might be asked will be something regarding with ‘How do I overcome the fear of being on the stage’ and got few more. I just hope that there will be Q&A session. 

I think that will be all for now, looking forward to write again on my theatre's update

See you again peeps!

P/s: Al-Fatihah for my late lecturer..May Allah bestowed him with a great blessing upon his soul, InsyaAllah.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sudah berulat blog ini!!!

I'll write again...yes of course I will