Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Be a self-starter!!

Hello what’s up everybody...hi it’s me again Saddly Saljie...well this time round I’m gonna talk on my new routine in this campus for this semester. After a year spending time in this campus, I eventually had found my new partner. Telling you the truth, it’s very hard to find friends that you can mingle around easily as lots of criteria that you should to contemplate, it’s not like I wanna be friend with anak-anak dato’ or anak-anak raja it’s just very difficult for me to find a good friend that we can share everything. Previously I’ve made friend to my UiTM gengs and it’s so bad for me that I have to leave them as I’ve to come to this campus. The first semester and second was like a hellish living for me but luckily I work it out all the way until today.

This new semester, I’ve made decision to use this golden time precisely, making sure that there’s no single second will be wasted doing something trifles but instead, doing something that will benefited me in the future. Well I better stop whining over this and get down to what I really wanna share with you guys.

Previously, I’m trynna be a healthy person by avoiding oily, high-carbs foods by making and bringing my own foods to class, so every time when there's break, I’ll open my box lunch and eat them up. Usually I made some boiled yams and grabbed a handful of almonds and raisins into my box lunch and heading to the class. Every time I opened my box lunch, there’ll be quite numerous of the commentators judging me like ‘eh,eh.. makan amende camnih??’, ‘Ubi tu ade banyak kalori la’, ‘nape suka seksa diri sangat’ and to make list shorter many of their comments are pretty much stabbing me like a sharp needle in my head, but I don’t give a damn about those things, as long as I’m happy that will be enough. 

People would only know how to judge and give their uncivilized comments on what they don’t really know....but Alhamdulilah I eventually found people like me...hehehe and these are some pictures of my gym buddies...

Khafiz was being guided by Aidil (unpaid instructor)
In an attempt of working out the wing to make them bigger n muscled

Bunch of dumbell

Mase nak balik..pose2 dlu
The unpaid instructor and his amateur in an attempt to tantalize their shape...'*PUKE*'
 That's all for now, and starting the day onwards we'll be working out in the gym together and strive for the glory...haha...Wish we good luck and most importantly good riddance to the adipose!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

She's so unpredictable..

I'd suggest u guys to check this out...she's so unpredictable!!!

     It's quite a rare situation and imperceptible where male being disturbed sexually when they are guiding a young female working out in the gym, but this is quite a funny video of Sarah Lian and fitness instructor, Kevin Zahri as he needs to bear with those mucky jokes from Sarah Lian which eventually I found it's really effing funny!!

Check them out!!