Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dump your weight now...

Getting rid of weight for those who are obese is something not easy I’d say. I’ve experienced all of those agonies, ordeals, suffering and whole lot more. But those are the things that you have to pay in order for you to get a good life and there is no shortcut for you to dump your weight. You need to really take care of what you are eating and also must be balanced with a regular exercise and most importantly keep your mind above of what people gonna say to you (coz they are just a group of envious schmuck!!) ... 

Trust in yourself that you’r capable of getting rid of all the lards that have been haunted your life for over a decade. Although your weight never caused you to fall victim to any form of discrimination, it stripped you off with something vital which is your self-esteem. This consequently, might affect your ability to live the life the way you always wanted. The culprit???? Nasi Lemak, Teh tarik, Roti canai, fried chicken( just to name a few) it’s all about food and food and more food. I was this kind of boy before, the kind of wasn’t picky when it came to eating and I had the tendency to finish off everything on the table.(Dashyat gilew ah kau)
This wasn’t too much about looking handsome, beautiful but it’s more to be looking healthier and living life without the needs of prescription to colourful pills prescribed by your doctor for every disease that you most probably could avoid it by living your life in a better way which is healthy lifestyle. (But once kau dah kurus, of coz la ko nak explore butik-butik yg memang tak kan ade baju mase kau gemuk..Jefferson, Topman-(just to name a few) memang tak buat kot baju-baju bersaiz XXXXL.

When it comes to choosing my food, I tend to be very fussy about that, and whenever I go to Pasar Malam I would be the most guy that you always wanna kill him in the first time you meet him coz I am one of those finicky human being and very fussy about picking my food, and you should be because it is your life and your body. 

If you guys still remember my entry on ‘ANOTHER BIGGEST LOSER ASIA’, for those who haven’t read, you can click here to read and for those who have read thank you again, I was very fat and these are some tips that I’ve followed.

  a)You need to have your own wake up call
  • As for me, I bored to be continuously taunted verbally and non-verbally by my friends as     ‘GENDUT’... Most of them put my name in their contact as ‘SADDLY-DUTT/ SADDLY BONCHET....and back in school they called me  with unpleasant name such as Gendut, buncit.....and the rest I’ll leave to ur own imagination..
  • I got curious about how different life would be if I were in shape. Determined to find out I began making the lifestyle changes necessary

 b)  The food
  •  Do not hate food but hate yourself for picking the wrong food.
  • I overhaul my diet to consist of mainly vegetables, fruit, and proteins (eggs, lean meat,  breast chicken, almonds and nuts)
c)   Exercise regularly
  • You can always begin with a brisk walking in the evening and later on switching to slow jog around your campus or neighbourhood.
  • As for me, I am pretty quite shy to jog in front of public and instead of having my jog around the campus and neighbourhood I chose to do that on the treadmill in the gym.
  • Lifting weight. You can always lift the weight by lifting dumbbell and you can actually get your own at any fitness concept or any gym. By having this dumbbell you can always do this lifting weight thingy in your room anytime
  • Equally important dont be too-over-exercise as it can leads you to a fatigued look.

d)  Stay motivated

  • I have some photos of John Abraham pictures as it can boost my motivation to stay on my running, lifting the damned weight just only to be like his body.
  • and if some of you guys now saying bad things about me about to be like John Abraham why in the hell or heaven should me be bothered? I’ll use that as my trigger point to work harder.
  •  When you remind yourself why you exercise, it’s easy to stay motivated.
  • Your physical condition plays a big part in the success you’ll have. It’s how you look and feel and really it’s everything.

Last word from me, as a student and also a human being, you are supposed to think about having big things and do not afraid to think big and if your life is not what you want it to be, don’t be afraid to ask yourself whether you are doing what you want and what is right for you.

For those who are still lost in between of what you are supposed to do in your life and what you ought to do to achieve your dreams I’ll suggest to get a copy of ‘Think Big”( Donald Trump and Bill Zanker) at any book stores.


aw btw, u can always ignore these fellow schmucks!!

Ok dah penat...nak amik gamba lak..hahaha(dont hate me)

wah afiq dah kurus...hehehehe

Hey lard ass...come on u can do it!!! hehehe

The crazy would always be crazy..


Nurul Afifah Addnan said...

nice post there.! like so true..for me..da most important things..always be motivated n keep on challenge myself plus eating the rite way..
(OMG..i dun have any breakfast today~~ =.=')


piggy ah mu....haha..nyindir aku des.....SADDLYDUTT...

Saddly Saljie said...

afi:thanks...hehehe...grab ur breakfast now!!! hehehe

zul:doh tuh tukaq la cpt2...letak saddly encem kew..saddly baek kew nytim would doexcpt gendut..

[:::AFZARA:::] said...

Healthy life...:)

Saddly Saljie said...

afzara: yeah...way 2 go...

Cikgu Sarah said...

gila kental r mu..aku asik tarik tali je ngn diet aku..last2 aku fed up..aku pom harap semangat diet aku pom sama mcm kau....~sighhh~

Ez0Lleee said...

derr..terase sikit lee ngan entri ko nie..hahaha..aku nie buncit ko tahu tak..haha..tapi xpe aku sekarang da g gym..hehe..

Saddly Saljie said...

Ckg Sarah: hehehe thnx..erm eh jgn g2 jgn mudah mngalah...u can do it babe!! tarik tali ppom lau dibuat ngn btol n continuously insyallah bleh mnjadix..

ezol: terase ke??sury la...xpe la ak pom muncit gak la bro n its gud 4 u sbb ko g gym...bgs la 2...stay in d shape n healthy ok..thnx follow btw...

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