Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Handsome foods

You are what you eat! Well that’s something people just care to say but to walk the talk, that’s the real son of a bitch. If you have bought Men’s Fitness august issue, there’s an article on how the food that you eat affects you in so many ways that it’s sometimes beyond your thought that how the food that you’re munching on affects you.

This semester I’ve been assigned to conduct a forum entitled ‘HOW YOUR DIET AFFECTS YOU’ by my lecturer. This is just another perfect topic for me, but that’s another story. That’s not what I’ll talk about today. I am going to share something about what I have read from the article of the Men’s Fitness article called ‘Handsome Food’.
Well handsome foods which I'm talking about are as follow:-

1)    Broccoli

-       A study in the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition revealed a high intake of Vitamin C was associated with a lower likelihood of wrinkles. Eating 90g of broccoli will give you 100% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C, which your body needs to produce collagen, the fibrous protein that keeps your skin supple.
2)    Pomegranates

-       Ellagic acid, the natural antioxidants in pomegranates, could prevent you having the facial crevasses.  A study in the journal Experimental Dermatology revealed ellagic acid stops the destruction of collagen, the natural scaffolding that maintains your skin.
3)    Kiwi fruit

-the kiwi fruit may have sandpapery skin but its flesh can keep your complexion smooth. It contains polysaccharides, complex carbohydrates that have been shown to improve the skin’s ability to regenerate itself. A study in the journal Cellular Physiology suggested eating kiwi fruit could double the rate of collagen synthesis to keep your skin looking fresh.
4)    Olive oil 

-       Drizzling olive oil on your pasta or salad can shave years off your appearance. An international study of 2000 people revealed that subjects whose diets included regular consumption of olive oil (a great source of monounsaturated fat that is essential for healthy skin-had fewer wrinkles than those who used margarine or butter.

There you go, 4 handsome foods, remember you are what you eat! So are you ready to eat these handsome foods in order for you to be handsome? Hehehehe...

*Information taken from ‘Men’s Fitness August Issue*

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's up with men and denim

Hi you there! What’s up??...Since you have seen the title, I think you can make your educated guess on what I am gonna share with you , so  I might just as well continue with what I’m gonna write today... 

Well, if girls have their makeup stuff for them to talk about, we boys do have our worn-out jeans for us to wax lyrical about. Well to kick started, let me introduce you guys to the 10 world’s most popular and hottest denim brands:-

      1)      Calvin Klein 

2)      Abercrombie & Fitch

3)      Lee

4)      DIESEL

5)      GAP

6)      GUESS

7)      LEVI’S

8)      VERSACE


10)    True Religion

There you go, the 10 most popular denim brands in the world, well my favourite brand none other than LEVI’s and GAP. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know, but there was something about these two names that I like most, which is all the jeans that I bought from these names were never let me down because it fit me well. I think lot of you guys out there would agree with me. And now let’s see how many kind of designs that denim has to offer. To sum it up, denim has 5 kind of designs which every each of it would bring different view of image to the jeans wearers.


Boot cut

Slim leg cut
Loose cut

Straight cut

Super skinny

Boys, men would definitely never leave their denim behind when it came to packing some stuff for vacation, or going to other places for few days. It is a must-have stuff in your suitcase because they are so cool! Denim would never let you down. Accompanied with a well-fitted shirt, a worn out clear-sea-blue jeans and a pair of white sneakers strolling around the town with friends or alone would absolutely spice up your mundane day to a day to be cherished. It is a simple-looking look but yet able to give you a heart which full of satisfaction!

Levi Strauss and Co. was the first company introduced a type of trouser called ‘waist overall’ which was popular in the year of 1920. This Jeans was later getting sensational hit among the miners in America in fact it is a must-have outfit for them as jeans was designed for its manlier-look, stylish, elegant, sophisticated and most important for its strength cause a lot of miners in America were looking for a long-lasting outfit as they were dealing with a heavy duty in the mines digging the coal, gold, or copper for living. Then later on in 1950, the era of jeans conquered a lot of heart of young men throughout the world when James Dean popularised the trend of wearing Jeans when he was starring a film called ‘REBEL WITHOUT CAUSE’. Ever since that day, jeans had become a symbol of rebellion and fighting in the midst of young teenagers in America. 
James Dean in jeans
Miners in jeans

Look everywhere and you’ll see men in their jeans. Men are very obsessed about their jeans that they don’t even bother wearing the same, unwashed jeans repeatedly throughout weeks or even months. But the farthest I can go is only for 2 weeks, EEEWWWW!... That’s why men like jeans! They are meant to be with us longer than other kind of pants which easily get smelly, and dirty.

I could still remember when I was about coming to this IPG, one of my friends texted me ‘Hey nerd, be a good teacher...U’ll be wearing slack at all time and IPG would means to NO JEANS ALLOWED!’  Then I was like ‘OMAAAAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!! But once I get into this IPG, there were almost no kind of that ‘NO JEANS ALLOWED’ until last semester when our former director was nearly reintroduce the ‘NO JEANS ALLOWED’ which was the douchest part of my college, but the students council in my college fought it very well that the attempts of re-operate the rule of ‘NO JEANS ALLOWED’ was to no avail. Now we still can stroll around confidently in our denim. It is the greatest crown of every young man that no one could easily take it off.  

That’s absolutely right. Speaking of denim, denim is a very unique kind of outfit where nowadays men, kids, women, and even senior citizens are all wearing them, because they are awesome! There was a saying goes ‘Men in denim are hot, Women in denim are cute’ (well I accidentally found this phrase in one of my cousins' Clive magazine.) Do you agree with me that men in denim are looking hotter than they really are? I would take YES. There was something about denim, the unspeakable fact about it.

Woman in denim

Kid in denim

Man in denim

Senior citizen in denim

Just feel like sharing this, this is something that I wouldn’t do very often, but believe it or not men are most likely to go naked in their denim if you know what I mean(Ok, seriously I’m not intending to turn this entry to an innuendo kind of writing). Men would feel better wearing their denim without any support from the ‘inside pant’ cause denim are created to support your ‘buddy’ so if you’re wearing another garment, your buddy would feel suffocated that you wouldn’t be able to express yourself freely. But just before we go for it, we need to make sure the type of ‘zip’ that you’re having on your denim. If you wanna do that, I would suggest you’ll only do that if you’re having the usual type of zipper but if you’re having the other type of zipper which is the button type, I would highly advised and recommended that please don’t do it as it has see-through holes in between each of the button,s careful guys! Don’t let others see your buddy! Secure them well inside your denim, hehehe.

 Men and denim have a kind of unbreakable bond where they are completed each other. Say no to ‘NO JEANS ALLOWED’.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This event was successfully organized by TESLians of IPGKSM on 27th July 2011 after a long and tiring process of preparing the working paper and meeting up few VIPs just only to bring this event to a reality. This event which were singing,live band performing, dancing was the pioneer event in our campus, and for that we’ve been through a lot of bad saying but I think this shouldn’t be bothered too much as people tend to misjudge at the first sight, and knowing of that fact,  we just take it easy on the first step and alhamdullilah everything was working out quite well.

 It was held in Main Hall of IPGKSM. The contestants were among seniors and juniors, students of our own campus. Watching them taking each other on was a great thing likely to be happened to me or should I say WE!

None of above can never challenged me, but this one thing was about to change my life. I was being assigned by our President to co-host the event with Sern,VJ n G-Han...which initially I feel like knocking his head down with a hammer for assigning me as MC....seriously I tell you guys I’ve never had myself involved with any kind of emceeing job before cause I tend to lose my words when being on a stage with hundred of eyes blinking at me in the same time, I would rather die.

But thank to God for giving me the opportunity of being emcee for our own event, TALENTIME and I hope I’ll be great emcee like them someday (or maybe I’ll be a great TV presenter someday hehe sapela yang tau nati! THINK BIG guys!!!)...


Dominic Lau *E! NEWS ASIA*

Henry Golding *Without boundaries/8tv Quickie*

Joey G *SPINMASTER 2 Astro Hitz*

Sarah Lian*MyEG Xtra Time *

    their English is superb, ahhh! If you guys haven’t heard of theirs, I think you should slowly browse their video on Youtube and started to listen them, I'm pretty sure that you guys would feel the energy flowing within each of the words uttered cause I’m so loving every of what they said and plus their accent and clarity of the pronunciation affected me in a way that I couldn’t close my eyes....cewah! *bile bole speaking mace depa sume nih????*  

 Okay enough of writing,let the pictures do the rest..

Last mini rehearsal among the co-hosts while the announcer, Amos texting his gf

Co-hosting the show together with Sern, VJ and G-HAN

The audience

Operation room was the busiest department..

Audio boys, Taufiq and the junior Adib

The best performance, GD CREWZ
GD CREWZ..congratulations guys!

5 strokes, stepping on stage to collect their gift of appreciation...thanks for your participation

And the champion of Talentime 2011 goes to*drum rolling..* GD CREWZ!!

 One of the contestants receiving the Gift of Appreciation



Director of our campus and head of languages department congratulated us..

The Crews-TESLians
CONCESSION STAND-by science students....btw i'm still waiting for my royalty for advertising their stall many times throughout the show...They disappeared the moment I wanna collect my royalty...sigh! not a good businesswomen..hehe just kidding guys!
 That's all for now, aw btw, Selamat menyambut Ramadhan..happy fasting month everybody!!