Sunday, November 11, 2012

Good riddance to Semester 2

I have just finished with my final examination and I felt a huge surge of relief and happiness that I completed my second semester of degree. Throughout this semester, all I can say is that I had a great time with my friends; we had so much fun though I need to keep aside my routine of working out in the gym, be a careful eater of what should goes into my mouth, sleep at 11pm every night and the list goes on and on. There are so many “don’t” in my life and I believe it’s not healthy for my social life. One of my friends said that I’m not living my life. Life as a student is about enjoying the freedom of your life. It is at this very moment you’ll live your life with friends by your side at least just before you walk into the career phase and marriage life where there might be few obligations that you need to attend to and least time to feel your life. So if you are student, go and enjoy your life to the fullest. Do whatever you like but of course you need to abide to your religion taught and such. Just hold on to “There’s always bad repercussion for every bad decision”
Some mates I had round in the early semester when I was throwing a room warming party

Just before heading home

Syamim & Irfan when we were in Genting

Genting Highlands

I treasured this moment

my girl-best buddy

eating and eating

This picture taken just before we heading back to respective hometown

That’s all for now and I’m very looking forward to update more as I will have ample time to do that. So adios and see you soon.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


(The continuation of A Tale of Woe #Part3)

Kak jue had finally arrived. She came straight from Perak. The doctor came in that morning informed us that she’ll be sending to Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kubang Kerian (HUSM) for another surgery to remove the blood clots. This time, Kak Jue was there to join the team. I was very proud to see her in action. The way she flashed her medical officer identification to the guards who guarded the operation theatre who violently refused to let her getting inside to join the group of surgeons performing the operation of removing the blood clots on my grandma’s thigh. I could imagine, she’ll now proud to see her own flesh and blood was there performing surgery on her. She has succeeded in educating them. The second surgery was quite a success when we were being informed that most of the blood clots were successfully being removed. I thanked to Allah. And yet we have no idea what in the next has to offer. At least things are just fine, for the time being.

The very next morning, she woke up beside me. My aunt went downstairs to buy her breakfast. I was just smiled listening to her whining of how terrible the food served to the hospital’s patients. I sometimes jumped in to add to her story. She smiled and I’m pretty sure that she’ll be discharged soon. My aunt, Che Ngah hopped into our conversation with some breakfast for everybody. She bought her Nasi Impit. I voluntarily to feed her and it was really nice when you’re now feeding her as opposed to years before where she’ll be the one who fed me the food. There was a great feeling overwhelmed me when you’re able to do something to repay for what one has done to you all years before. That very evening, she became ill, so ill that she won’t talk. She just lied on her bed, closing her eyes closely. The doctor came in with Kak Jue telling us that another surgery has to be done in order to remove the remained of the blood clots. We were all like exchanging our glance and ‘another surgery’ is completely leaving us the family in mayhem.

Another surgery being done on her thigh and this time it was quite different as Kak Jue’s reaction was totally different. She seemed pessimistic about the whole thing. She won’t talk much which contrary to her true colour. I could feel that something wasn’t right about the surgery this time. I’ve no idea of what was happening the moment I drew the drape opened, I saw Kak Jue was crying beside her. My aunt was whispering the Syahadah ‘LaillahaillAllah, LaillahailAllah’. The family is now being poured with a great grief that I closed my eyes tightly, praying so loud in my heart begging for Allah not to take her soon from me. But one can never really change what has been written on the Luh Mahfuz. Death comes with no seconds late and minutes earlier. Everything has been perfectly crafted by Allah SWT that on that very day is the day for her to leave this world and to leave me. I would never forget her. Things she did to me were not a medieval and far to say that it was a mediocre work. To me, that’s an accomplishment. She maybe sounds like a boring old lady, but she’s somebody. Somebody who has taken me to the world I am now, she taught me of how to be reliable and depending on my own self. She was the greatest support I ever had. I miss you, Mok.



Monday, August 6, 2012


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It could be the last for me and you! 

Are we good enough and have we done with the preparation to face the Almighty?

So what are we going to do about that?

Remember this could be the last. There’s a probability that you won’t reach the next ramadhan and are you ready? To answer all the questions that will be asked by Munkar and Nankir, and now are you ready?

Have you ever imagined how life would seem like in the afterlife? Are we going to be doing good there or otherwise?

What if?

Then how?

This could be the last and time is really running out.

This could be the last. What say you?

Friday, July 6, 2012

A tale of woe #Part2

(The continuation of A tale of woe)

When I was 15 year-old back then in year of 2006, I’ve just finished my PMR examination. I was on my way home from Kota Bharu when I received a phone call from my mother to come straight to my grandma’s abode. I said okay to mum. I reached in front of her house, the house where I was binned by my parents. I saw mum’s car and a few of my close relatives and neighbours were inside the house. At the wall, where I used to lean by her side, she was lying there, groaning and moaning. My mum’s eyes were reddened and I could see her tears spilled on her cheeks. My aunt was by her side, whispering ‘LaillahaillahAllah! LaillahaillahAllah!’ I couldn’t believe my eyes. She seemed so happy last few weeks, and now...she was there groaning and there was nothing I could do for her. My mum had decided to take her to the hospital. I was left at her house as there was no enough space for me to come along. I decided to take a cab and followed my mum. As soon as I arrived at the Hospital Machang Kelantan, the doctor told my mum that there was something happened with her thigh. Apparently, she was on her way to bathroom to perform her ablution for Zohor prayer in the Madrasah nearby. She fell on the floor inside the bathroom. I couldn’t take the whole notion of her falling in the bathroom. She was there when I fell down, but where was I when she fell? I was with friends enjoying myself. I felt something bizarre going on in my heart, deepest inside, there are some agony that I couldn’t understand. I wasn’t sure whether I was sad or something else. I was too ego to admit that I love her. I was jolted from my thought when mum urged me to usher her, she was lying on the bed in the ambulance with my aunt. She would be transferred to Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II, Kota Bharu (HRPZ).

As soon as we were arrived at the HRPZ, my aunt and I ushered her to an emergency ward where a doctor approached my aunt to ask for the permission to get her inside the operation theatre, according to the doctor, she needs to be operated very soon. Meanwhile my mum had to go to her workplace, she couldn’t be with us. The rest of the families were trying their best to get there as soon as possible. In the meantime, it was all depends on me. I called Kak Jue, she was a medical officer at Hospital  Manjung, Perak(at that time) and she’s the one who talked to the doctor. I sat by her side scrutinize deep into her eyes. Her eyes were watery. Sometimes I felt like crying too, but I know I have to be strong to be with her. The doctor who talked to Kak Jue earlier came in pulled the drapes open and handed my phones that I could see some other patients lay on the respective bed while other families looked on. The doctor wrote something on the board, it reads ‘BERPUASA’. I didn’t understand why he was doing something like that. Kak Jue called me and explained that she was going to be operated to remove the blood clots which had obstructed the large veins on her thigh. With the least information in my head from my Form 3 science knowledge, I tried my best to keep up with her. She continually advised me not to utter any words to my aunt. She was less-educated, she afraid that she might get the whole things wrongly, it’s best for her to know least. I ushered her to the first floor of the massive hospital building, where she would soon undergoes a surgery. I looked into her eyes, I know she was afraid. The nurses pushed her in, the door immediately closed. She was now in the operation theatre. I waited there anxiously while my aunt held my hands tightly that I don’t have a heart to leave her alone not even when I need to go to toilet. 

Hordes of thuds could be heard as soon as the elevator door closed. It was my uncle, Ayah Din and his families rushed in. Half of anxiety were now gone. Now I could leave my aunt, Che Ngah alone with the family. Kak Jue texted, telling me that she was now on her way home. That was a sheer relief. She was the bravest in my family, she’s doctor. I always wanted to be like her, a doctor. The light highlighted Operation Theatre went off. Then the nurses and a doctor came out from the widely open door. She was lying on the bed, smiling to her children, and grandchildren. I watched her being pushed by the nurses into a female ward. My aunt, Che Ngah would accompany her while Ayah Din went home to send his family then will rejoin us afterwards. I held her hand, she was sleeping. I watched her. It was this hand bathed me, fed me, washed my ‘shit’, and tapped me on hips so that I could sleep soundly and now she was there lying and I was here sitting by her side. The unshed tears were about to spill on my cheeks when my aunt suddenly emerged. I quickly wiped the tears off with my sleeve. 

***to be continued***

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rise to dizzying heights of success by .......

Semester 2 of B. Ed Tesl comes knocking my door, wakening me up to the ugly truth of reality that I have 6 more semesters to go. Sigh. As I promise to myself that I’ll strive for this semester, so I’ve came up with few schedules in order to help me stay on the run. It is not easy to abide to the rules especially the rules that you made it by yourself. It isn’t an easy thing to do, but it is worth to do it. It requires high motivation and monumental enthusiasm and passions and eventually you’ll achieve of what you’ve been craved for. 

To be done right, there are so many things that you’ll have to put on the jeopardy, like your relationship. You can’t spend much time on her like before. Though you’re on the conversational phone you’ll have to train yourself to be a multi-tasker kind of person. That’s means you have to go like doing more than one thing in one time. For example, I am a frequent gym goer so, nutrition and rest-hour is so much important to me. After the gym and I happen to get a phone call from her, I have to juggle between preparing the food and talking to her at the same time. This may seems ‘over the top’ kind of thing, but as for me if you wanna make it right, this is what you’ll have to do. Success comes with a price and most of the success is quite pricey though. If you are unable to put your life on the jeopardy, (Well I’ll agree if you have the limit, like you can’t brutally strive for something if it would mean to cause many harms to you, family and likewise) you’re just not ready for the success. Be it in your business, life, exam, relationship and whatnot.


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