Thursday, January 27, 2011


What have I been doing all these days???? PROCRASTINATE
It's already 2.22 in the morning, but still I am squeezing my half-witted brain, transferring the notion for the asignment regarding the SOCIAL STRATIFICATION, GLASS CEILING, GLASS ESCALATOR and MOMMY TRACK...which is suppose to be sent by tomorrow...

Saddly Saljie, it's already tomorrow...and now what are you doing??
Still I am facebooking and blogging...hehehehe...Saddly you are suck...
Yes I know, I'm suck...Suck of everything.....BUT still I am procrastinating...

And also I ought to make an essay on PROCRASTINATION (memang ko terer ah bab2 ni) in which I have to include:-

a) Compound subjects joined by and
b)indefinite pronoun
d) compound subjects joined by or/nor
e)word ending in 's'
f) collective noun
which I havent scribble anything yet....
Aw shucks! Im so pretty messed up and screwed!! 
Guys....KILL ME NOW!!

Aw By the way..this upcoming march Im gonna have my mock exam..



Sunday, January 23, 2011

Small people aiming for a big dream..

 Assalamualaikum & Hye guys...what's up?, 
Well.this time I would like to introduce you guys to my idol..well frankly speaking I really admire him in so many ways. This dude is Malaysian, so I am again so proud to talk on this local dude rather than bitching about those international dude and biatch. Well I better stop bitching and get back to my real track which is introducing you guys to this person. Ok where to begin....

Ok let’s begin with his name. The person that I have been bitching is actually Mohd Ikhwan Nor or better known as Ikhwan Nor. This dude was actually originated from Kuala Terengganu and during his teen years he went to boarding school. Previously he was studying at UPM degrees in mass communication but eventually ended up as a model. It was so good to discover that this guy is just another malay guy who can actually pursuing his dream of becoming a model. Model is actually someone whose job is to show clothes, hair styles etc by wearing them at fashion shows or for photographs, and it is really-really brill to be a model as we would get better pay, wearing the best outfit among the best designed by best, well-known designer, brands and being a model may not be as easy as we think because there are gonna be lots n lots criteria for us to have actually passed it. He first signed up with Elite Models when he started modelling in 2007 but was then hired and groomed by Andrews Models and today he has become one of the most sought after male models in the industry. 

It has been two years now since the first day he started as a newbie model and at present he is now looking forward to more opportunities in the fashion industry and again Im so proud of him to be nominated as a male model of the year at Malaysian International Fashion Week 2009 and also for his second award Male Model Star Award at the Asia Model Festival Awards 2009 in Korea. This was so good for a male, malay model to be awarded with these mind-blowing awards and here Im still amazed for what he had achieved. And here I have included some of his pics:-

Male model of the year@(MIF-W)2009
Male Model Star Award at the Asia Model Festival Awards 2009 in Korea

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Restricted Area!!

 I dare not to speak much on this as picture may tells thousand words..

This is my friend and our class rep Syamim , with afiq's limousine
and FYI this limousine (hahaha,limousine la sgt) had also to pay 4 its owner's attitude..

and this was the payment


Monday, January 17, 2011

2O years old!

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you....! Happy birthday to you!... 
Happy birthday to me!!

Today im officially 20..
So freaking sad to leave my teen golden years..
I was so delighted to expect these few things on my birthday:-

1. Received a phone call from mum and dad wishing me happy birthday...

2. Got a message from Celcom 28882 sounded like:-
*(Happy birthday! Enjoy ur 7days FREE call/SMS to 8pax starting from NOW.
Make sure ur account is active & ur 8pax is activated.Info:*

3. Discovered a message from Lady Gaga(Nurul Fatiha Ibrahim) sounded :-
*(Saddly, happy birthday!u're 20, behave like u're 20!haha)*

4. Got a message from Hani Hanani Mohamed:
*(Hepi 20th bufday! U're big boy now.. Have a blast year..)*

5. Message from The wicked waka (Shakiyra Basri):
*( Happy birthday saddington!)*

6. Message from Rafthanah:
*(Happy birthday saddly! :-D)*

7. Birthday wishing (verbally) from Vejaya Letchumi:
*(Hey Sad! Happy birthday..U're 20 u're old)

......thank 4 all the wishes and also thank 4 those upcoming wishes!!! hehehehe....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Botak! Botak!

HOLY S**T!!! Im a bald man!
Seriously it never crossed in my mind to get bald in fact getting bald or going bald is kindda imperceptible for me as Im freaking love my Mohawk but yesterday curiosity seemed to get better of me and I couldnt even think properly as though I was drunk when I get my head bald!! 

It had been a while and I was  wondering of how does it feel to have almost no hair on head and the ultimate question that used to linger in ma head was how do I look like with almost no hair on my head!! Previously, I couldn’t even think or imagine myself in bald version but i gathered the whole courage yesterday to step into my favourite  Nice  (Kbmall)...

As soon I stepped into the salon, Lin (my favourite hairdresser) greeted me with a loud ‘WELCOME’ and I replied her with a brief smile...She immediately ushered me to my favourite place...and as soon as that, she began her work by questioning me few questions..
LIN: Lau xslh br 2 minggu u potong rambut kan?
ME: Yep, tapi kali ni i nk laen mcm sikit..
LIN: How? U nk change ur style?? U maw tgk contoh-contoh rambut kaw?
ME: xpelah lain kali jer
LIN:So how?How can i help u?
ME: I nak botak...Tp sesuai x ngn I?
LIN:Why so sudden? What happen?(Jaw-dropped)
ME:Sje jer...I nk cbe
LIN:Cube style2 laen la..Lau botak u nmpk ordinary la..
ME:Xape..I xpenah rse cmne botak so I nk cbe skali
LIN:Emh  r u u nk no brape?
ME: 4...(dgn sekonfiden yg mngkn, but deep in ma heart I was like tketar2  tkt2 I wud end up like a    
             bullshitter who had just had his head shaved!!)*Tongue Twister*
LIN: R u sure?
ME:Yep sure..just do it..
Soon after that, 88% of my hair scattering all over the sparkle floor, leaving my head almost hairless and for the first time in my life..I FELT SO PECULIAR about touching my head n I FELT SO NAKED!!!SO bloody nude!!!

I was so thrilled and kinda eksaited to show my mum my new hairdo, and my mum’s first reaction was like ‘Pendeknye gunting rambut!Kne marah ke lecturer plop kew??’....

Ya Allah, I wanna get my hair back...Please help me!!! (In fact, I had googled on how to make ur hair grow faster but eventually end up like an arsehole to read through long paragraphs and convoluted article only to find out that there is nothing that can help me to grow hair faster... Im a pathetic!!   * The hair would soon recuperate by its patience and be ready to go through any possible feedbacks*...hahahaha!

Alamak terkuar flash plak dah...Ni lah awek cina yg buat rmbt ak huru hara camni..
(Lin r u reading diz?)

Hah!baru nampak jelas cket! Tgk tuh ak da botak!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

They went gaga!

*Viewers discretion is HIGHly and SERIOUSly advised!*

Do not try this in ur car!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Secret rendezvous

I went to a rendezvous, it was held last 2 week on Wednesday, 22/12/2010 was so much fun u know...

I went for a picnic, well this is not the traditional picnic where the mat being spread on the empty ground, under the shady tree and having some food feasts while enjoying the breathtaking view this is some kind of modern picnic where we just go to Mcd and grab the whole variety bunches of burgers and stormed to this particular place where we could having our picnic...

I went for a picnic with ex-teslians of kuantan, it was kindda fun and exciting as it had been a while for me not to go crazy and get was effing bloody good and Im kindda waiting for the next rendezvous...

These are fews of pictures taken during our re-get together:-

Pok jak siput gonde nibbling on his begor

Saturday, January 1, 2011


                                          Happpppppyyyyy new yeaaaaar!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s the end of another year and now its the time to say farewell to 2010...goodbye 2010...

Well, I could wax lyrical about how exciting my life throughout 2010, however that’s not really what happen to me...this year is really fantastic as i’ve learnt a new lesson which I think it is not too much if i say only for certain people would experienced this kind of lesson and im kindda ‘fortunate’ to have been experiencing this new lesson. The new lesson which I’ve been talking about is actually regarding my case in this institution where now I currently doing my tesl course and it would take my 5 and a half years of my life!!!...  and so far i dont think it’s such a great thing to study tesl in this institution however i felt so grateful and blessed for HIS another generous as THE ALMIGHTY still allowing me to study this course... ALHAMDULLILAH.....

My resolution list for this new year:
1. Get my biceps and triceps bigger n soon leading to hunk body( wish me luck)
2. Eating in a healthy way
3. I wanna be a better son for my ummi and abbah
4. I wanna be a good student
5. Enhance my english vocabulary and as well as pronunciation 
6. Enhance my grammar level ( as u can see my grammar is not that gud)
7. Enhance my religion knowledge
8. Be good to everyone
9. Get my bed tidy every single morning
10. Sleep at 11 pm everynyte
11. wake up at 6.00 am every morning


Happy new year everyone, may this year brings us more luck, prosperity and harmony...