Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chef at home

Last week my mum wasn’t at home for a day, she left the house as soon as she got a phone call from my cousin telling her that she was on the verge of labouring to her first daughter....on catching the word “Chik (a call for my mum in the midst of my cousins) sakit doh ni!!! (something definitely like this as i wasn’t there when she phoned my mum)...and as soon as that she left the house...well my mum is a good auntie's proven!!!

Frankly speaking I was still on my was 5 am in the morning when she phoned my mum and for certain I was still sleeping soundly...Out of nowhere, my mum’s face was popping up in front of my sleepy face telling me that she had to go somewhere...I was so sleepy and I didn’t pay much attention to her briefing but barely managed to capture ‘HOSPITAL’.... ‘BERANAK’ ..... ‘BELI’..... ‘DUIT’..... ‘MAKAN’ ..... ‘ASSALAMUALAIKUM’....

As I woke up that morning, I know I had to buy my breakfast....well having breakfast with nasi bungkus and a cup of tea wasn’t so healthy... so i decided to make on my own... After spending a decade rummaging my fridge finally i had found Honey which is pure or Pure Honey (hahaha), eggs and Uncle Sloccum’s bread on the dining table...

From there I got an idea of dipping bread into the eggs and then fry it on the non-sticky frying make it more healthy no cooking oil or butter being used in my breakfast...and then pour some honey on it... It’s brill to munch it with some honey dripping into your palm every time you try to eat it’s so simple, delicious and yet healthy... then lastly a cup of hot milo( well i was trying to provide myself with a glass of milk but it seemed like the milk had already finished and the last resort hot milo, and hot milo would do for me then) with some milky choc bar being melted into the hot milo and then settled in my comfy couch and turned the tv on then press 413 (STAR MOVIES) then dived in the morning movie while sipping the hot milo... just imagine!!!!!...Well it’s wonderful to kick-start your day!!!!

Around 10.30 am I drove to white sand city, and being a white sander there is no other choices to get your groceries except in the World’s Prestigious Supermarket 
                                                           E-C-O-N-J-A-Y-A (hahaha)

                                                 so here the foods that I bought:

 Boneless chicken breast,
Green apple
Lettuce leaf
Thousand Islands
Dutch Lady Low-Fat milk
Grill fish paste
(Actually I’ve been looking for Grill chicken paste; however there was no such paste available, so grill fish paste would do for me then)

PDF, (Pretty Damn Straightforward).... 
I am gonna cook!!!!!!!! Well Im a good cook!! 
So for the lunch I grilled the chicken with ADABI grill fish paste,(well, its yummy)

and I put slices of orange on the chicken..

Well honestly I said it shouldn’t be orange(I saw Paula Deen put slices of lemons just before grilling the chicken and the same thing goes to Michael Smith)  and since I forgot to buy lemons so oranges would do…hahahaha ( its still producing the same sour juices ryte so?? No biggie…)
Now, put the grill-soon chicken into the microwave for about 15 mins…(hahahaha)

While waiting for the chicken…

I began the next work by cutting the fruit on the chopping board

Cut the fruits into pieces
Then soon after the microwave took the time off for the grilling, the well-done cook chicken was then ready to be served!!!
Put all the chopped fruits and leaves of lettuce on a plate then put the grilled chicken breast on the top of it and also with some thousand islands to enhance the taste and finally

THERE YOU ARE…..A plateful of chicken-fruit salad….

Well it makes me full for the rest of the hours…it’s worth to cook up for
Last words from me..... Its delicious and I am not that bad by the way..