Sunday, June 19, 2011

He got married! What the.....!!!

Hye guys, well I know it’s been quite a while for me not to update my blog as last past few weeks, it’s been almost a roller coasters days for me as I have to be there here went there and came back was such a hectic weeks for me I’d say and I couldn’t even have a quality time in the gym which was such a douche!! Well that’s not the point for me to write today. 

2 days ago I was with my other friends and we’ve been doing such a great thing together after a while of not seeing each other and for that we’ve organised a long-time-no-see-hang-out-session and while having our chat and whatsoever, I was so captivated by the point issued by Bala, the call for Afiq regarding a friend of him who had just got married, and I was like ‘WHAAAAAT.......???’

Can you guys imagine that, at the age of 20, he got married!! I just can’t imagine that, having a friend which already got married and things must be weird and awkward as he’s actually a married person, and how can he give in to the marriage life as early as 20? I just have no idea of what had gone into his mind to actually tie a knot with his one with marriage. He’s so young, he’s 20 years old and there are so many miles ahead of him and my question is, don’t you wanna do something in your life just before devoting yourself to the marriage life??  

Life is an adventurous living lifestyle, where people do lot of incredible things, earn wads of cash, and every day the moment they open their eyes, they would feel energetically satisfied but always thinking to get more and more and they just can’t wait to kick start the day and keep doing things that would make themselves a lot better than yesterday. Well I’m not saying that married people can’t excel in their lives but to those young married couple, don’t they want to do things that  would probably can never be done once they got the commitment to the husband, wife, and children, don’t they??*Sigh..