Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hi...how are you guys doing????

This gonna be a very short update...well have you guys seen this blog?? anakazman.blogspot.com

No havent?? U guys gotta see his blog...As for me Im really proud of him because of these two things..

1. He is a TESL student in IPGM PULAU PINANG(so good to see another cekghu-to-be from IPG)
2. His videos are so cooooooooool!!!!! especially this...



Anonymous said...

yeah so cool...la bdk maktab ke dia nih...

Saddly Saljie said...

anonymous:yup2 cool ryte...yup ler bdk maktab perguruan ni...aii sme cam ak ah..(hehehe...sme ipg jer tp speakim xde ah terrer bapak mcm tuh)....idola speaking ak ni dia nih..

(jgn la nk beranonymous ngn ak coz xth spe ni..sila tnglkn nme ke link ke or pape yg ak leh track ko...)

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