Monday, April 25, 2011

My sizzling meeeeeee..

Me: Umi, lapar nih...
Umi: Nak makan ape?
Me: Anything will do as long as its healthy
Umi: Nape tak masak sendiri jer..
Me: Mane reti ( tak pandai)
Umi: Meh mi ajar...

Well, last week when I was at home, i was so freaking hungry and my mum just got home, so you know what, my mum teach me how to cook Sizzling Noodles...well it's very easy and doesn't consume time like forevazz so guys it is also very important for guy to know how to cook!!!

And today, I have cooked for my classmates, and they were like 'Emm, sedap boleh wak lagi nih'...well of course la my nose kembang-kencup-kembang-kencup...As FYI this was my very first cooking and I served my products to my classmates, it's kindda cool and awesomeeeee!!

The very first time my classmates discovered me, in the kitchen sauteing the garlic and the aroma was like killing the nose of everyone they were like 'Hah!! Saddly masak???????' and I was like 'Yes, unbelievable kewwwww???

Now i  know how do the chef feel when they are done with their's awesomeeeeeeee!!!

Sizzling Mee..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DNA MIXER...sorry Mr. Jai

When I was taking my lunch the other day with a friend of mine, suddenly, my friend raised his horse voice ‘Hey did you still remember what happen to Mr.Jai?’ and the moment I heard the name of him I immediately burst out laughing in fact I have to stop munching my food for a while....and all those goddam memory began to reel into my though over and over again.

All of these began when we were having our class day out around the Berjaya Times Square, and the boys and some of the girls decided to indulge ourselves by riding the Supersonnic Odyssey or also known as  roller coaster at the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park. There were 3 lecturers with us, and all of them were very great and fantastic. The most jovial lecturer at that time was Mr. Jai as he was willing and dare to take our challenge to ride the roller coaster with us and he was looking very much cooler than before and I was amazed by his reaction.

Once we get in there, I immediately proceeded to the roller coaster department, but there was nobody there and due to that we proceeded to the DNA Mixer which quite a mind-bending experience too...

The last time I was riding this DNA Mixer was with my dad and straightaway after that, he stopped playing and let me play alone (actually my dad went straightaway to the toilet and eventually settled in the Mcd and waited for me there)...
I was sitting next to him, and I could still remember the way he warned the girls to tighten their tudung as we were about to be rolled on the air. He seemed very confident and very cool until the game is beginning. 

So here the climax...hehe

When the DNA Mixer is started to bend forward, the girls were screaming like they were about to be raped, and same thing went to some fellas...It was like you’re gonna fall out of that machine and I saw him, opened his eyes widely as if his eyes was about to pop at any moment and  I was still amazed that he did not even utter a word while the rest of us screaming like we were about to be skinned alive hahaha....but then when the DNA mixer rolled us upside down, I stopped screaming as I was so freaking busy laughing at his reaction, he was like ‘ALLLAH!!! ALLLLAAAH!!! ALLAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! ALLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine that, I was actually laughing silently beside him while closing my eyes, well I wasn’t being a sissy for not opening my eyes but I can’t open my eyes because we were like turning round 360 degrees profusely and it was like forever and it was going like this until the DNA mixer stop. It was a hellish game for him, I would say as I could see the face of his reddened...
Ooort's Express

However, after the mind-bending experience, he didn’t look like bothered as right after the DNA mixer, we went to have a ride again on Oooort’s express, well he still wanna prove us that he still can do it, so we went to have a ride again on this so-called Ooort’s express. As the machine started, I put my eyes on him to see how would he react....well while riding this thing you gotta hold on to that metal thing, after awhile, your hands will get all sweaty and you will lose fraction and you'll squeeze the person next to you. I knew the fact, so my old-nick was whispering to me at that time to coax Syamim and Irfan(who is quite fat-boy) to shift their seat. They were very obedient friends to listen to me who was a slimeball at the moment, and throughout the game I could only listen to Syamim’s voice ‘Aduh!!! Sakit gilow...’ I could hear clearly the voice of him begging him to buzzzzz off as Irfan kept hitting him due to the spinning of the so-called ooooster’s express and plus Irfan kept squeezing Syamim just like squeezing juice into the jug...
They were looking very much like this, IRFAN kept squeezing SYAMIM 

Seriously, if you are the first timer of riding this old-nick you would feel like you’re gonna fly off of the thing..!!!

Right after that, he went to toilet with some of my friends who couldn’t bare the mind-bending experience and threw up...*evil laugh*...not to be boast, but I didn’t puke at all...

However it was a very good time we had spent together on that day and Im kindda looking forward for the next day...Mr.Jai jangan marah ekk!!! Hehehehe.... and guys dont tell him!! 

Shhh!!!! Fort knox of secret...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lat Kampung Boy the Musical


  Hi guys, what's up??  Whatever it was,I hope u’r keeping well....
Well this time, I wanna share with you guys about my previous trip to Istana Budaya with my fellow classmates to watch Lat Kampung Boy the Musical and you know what, it was awesome...yep I knew Lat kampung the Musical had already finished but I really dont have the time to update this on my here I have included few of pictures....Well really I cant write long as I got tonnes of work to do...

With Douglas Lim.. n u know wat he is my lecturer's fren n he was a teslian too..hehe

 When my lecturer, Mr. Zaki met him, Douglas Lim was like ' Oh my god, my ex-classmate'...I never thought that he is a friend of my was so cool and AWESOME!!




Saturday, April 9, 2011

He's back with something way much cooler..

Hi guys...what have you been doing?? I know that u’r miss me more than anything in the world (evil laughing)...well  guys I have just recuperated from my critical situation and now I can write again, luckily I have survived and able to enjoy the fresh air again...Splendid!! I have completed a coursework regarding Grammar which I really do not appreciate it.. hehe... (jangan marah eh grammar lovers out there!!)

Well, so what should I talk about?? I have like tonnes of things to tell you guys but I can’t just let them go in seconds or else I will sound so stupid...
So let’s start with something brill...
Yesterday, I’ve been to Fitness Concept store, so guess what??
I have bought a protein chocolate powder guys!!! It was so effing cool and I just cant wait to see the result of it...I think you guys knew already that I can’t lift the weight for a couple of weeks ago and that has made me pissed off at everything and to make the situation worse I lost my 3kgs and my biceps are getting smaller which I don't feel great of wearing tight shirt as there is no more bulking biceps,  but now I’m great and I feel so enthusiastic of buffing up and I can go for my zen hour again..That’s so cool right....
This is vanilla, mine is choc and much more delicious!!

So this is how it looks like and today I wanna share with you guys on how to prepare a protein shake...


I took this recipe from Rob Riches and the secret of building your muscle is never stop eating!! (in right portion la) 

Instant protein shake should be consumed before and after a work out..

2 scoops of chocolate whey protein (75g)
1 scoop of oatmeal (38g)
2 raw eggs
300 ml of low-fat milk

Then, blend all of those ingredients well, and that’s it !!! Enjoy your instant protein shake!!! Well it tastes like milk shake and for sure it is very delicious but yet full pack of a whole essential nutrient to replace all the nutrients that we have lost in our work out session...

 Till then...

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hey what's up guys!!! I know it had been a while for me not to update this blog...I have like tonnes of story to share here but time is really envy with me as it doesnt give me an ample time to write my stuff... 

Insyallah, I'll find a way to write..