Sunday, January 23, 2011

Small people aiming for a big dream..

 Assalamualaikum & Hye guys...what's up?, 
Well.this time I would like to introduce you guys to my idol..well frankly speaking I really admire him in so many ways. This dude is Malaysian, so I am again so proud to talk on this local dude rather than bitching about those international dude and biatch. Well I better stop bitching and get back to my real track which is introducing you guys to this person. Ok where to begin....

Ok let’s begin with his name. The person that I have been bitching is actually Mohd Ikhwan Nor or better known as Ikhwan Nor. This dude was actually originated from Kuala Terengganu and during his teen years he went to boarding school. Previously he was studying at UPM degrees in mass communication but eventually ended up as a model. It was so good to discover that this guy is just another malay guy who can actually pursuing his dream of becoming a model. Model is actually someone whose job is to show clothes, hair styles etc by wearing them at fashion shows or for photographs, and it is really-really brill to be a model as we would get better pay, wearing the best outfit among the best designed by best, well-known designer, brands and being a model may not be as easy as we think because there are gonna be lots n lots criteria for us to have actually passed it. He first signed up with Elite Models when he started modelling in 2007 but was then hired and groomed by Andrews Models and today he has become one of the most sought after male models in the industry. 

It has been two years now since the first day he started as a newbie model and at present he is now looking forward to more opportunities in the fashion industry and again Im so proud of him to be nominated as a male model of the year at Malaysian International Fashion Week 2009 and also for his second award Male Model Star Award at the Asia Model Festival Awards 2009 in Korea. This was so good for a male, malay model to be awarded with these mind-blowing awards and here Im still amazed for what he had achieved. And here I have included some of his pics:-

Male model of the year@(MIF-W)2009
Male Model Star Award at the Asia Model Festival Awards 2009 in Korea


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