Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Healthy, Tasty Mug cake

Craving for Choc cake?? You wanna eat choc cake so freaking bad?? Too much calories?? But still wanna eat it?? Bake your own choc cake then..Dont know??

Now I have the solution for your craving! The typical chocolate cake contains lots of butter, sugars which high in fat and calories as well. Is there any other way to actually omit those excess calories and fat?? Yes there is. 

Bake your own cake then you can control all of these calories. Don’t know how to bake a cake?? I’ll teach you here and now...Stop drooling over it!! 

These are the ingredients you need to have in your kitchen:

1.    2 tablespoon of High-protein flour
2.    Egg
3.    1 tablespoon of cocoa powder
4.    1 teaspoon of sugar (i’ve reduced the sugar)
5.    1 scoop of (protein powder)* Awesome Mass Chocolate/Muscle Juice Chocolate preferably*

6.    Cooking choc/ chocolate bar/ chocolate chips
7.    Sprinkle of Vanilla essence
8.    8 teaspoon of milk(low-fat)

How to make it?

First and foremost, this chocolate cake also known as protein chocolate cake, and it is very suitable for those who’ve been to the gym, concerned about the food that goes in and this will be your perfect protein snack recipe as it can supply the protein that will be needed to repair those muscles and thus leading to a lean, bigger muscle.

Ok let’s skip the foreplay, getting back to where we paused...

1.    You will need a mug.
2.    Put the flour, cocoa powder, sugar, protein powder(you can omit this if you want) into a mug
3.    Now, break an egg into the mug and whisk it with a fork.
4.    Then pour milk into the mug
5.    Mix all the ingredients well until sticky-thick
6.    Now splash the vanilla essence and mix well again
7.    Now put the chocolate chips/ chopped chocolate bar into the mug and mix well.
8.    Microwave it for 3 minutes.
9.    Then enjoy your scrumptious instant chocolate cake!!....
Sticky-thick ingredients (well-mix)

Put it in a microwave

Microwave it for about 3 mins

Final product (It may doesn't look tempting, but trust me it has great taste on your bud)

 (I was using vanilla protein powder, no choc being added into, so it was pure white in colour, and to serve it, I sprinkle some of the Hershey Chocolate syrup on my mug cake and accompanied with a hot cadburry choc drink..It'll be a day to be remembered! So simple, easy, faster and healthy..

Eat well & live well....happy trying!


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