Sunday, November 7, 2010



If only I can turn the time back into the moment where I can always be there with you guys...:-(

me,najiha elyani(black scarf),weyda(white scarf),am(blue scarf)

From the left: Faris, Achik,me,Amir and Menyor

p/s: from the above picture, you guys can ignore my checkered shirt(that was awfully hideous outfit ever)...
Seriously I said I only wear this shirt twice and then when I brought this shirt home dad started to growl of how on earth that I can have the heart to buy this shirt..he3.. and now looking at this picture yes I can proudly say my dad is always right about this thing...

These picture(above) taken when I was studying in UiTM Kampus Kuantan 2. This campus is effing small but lots of things happened here, I made a lot of friends and that was what making my short staying become more memorable and forgetful...I just love to be there. Everything was so simple from the food, people, lecturers or even the safety guards...he3

From the left: BAD-ron, Idris(IPBA TESLIAN), syaz(which i didnt know of his whereabouts)

UiTM Teslians A,B,C (there are some of them were no longer become teslian)

I could only draw a fake grin on my face...I turned my head around..there is no one else friends arent here anymore, everything was not just the same as before where we could laughing, fucking around, creating awfully silly joke, or even burst into tears... I could still remember, whenever we dont have the lectures we would simply said.."MEGA" and later on we slowly,steadily made our way to Megamall which only took 10 minutes by walking(roughly estimated..Havent done any research on this info yet)... I was having so much fun and writing this had made me thinking of them..

POK JAK(the father of TESL B)
AM(the best adopted auntie ever)
AMIR(the gedix-est boy)
ACHIK(portable skull model)
YAK(bad pretender)
A'A(the owner of JELIRA)
ZUZU(keep on mentioning "SARANGEE" whenever I bumped into her)
CT JAH(ucu)
SYAZ(the best shemale(shasha) actorresss(combination of both gender)
JIHA(nerdy girl turns to gorgeous..>dont tell her of what i've just said
EIKA(a good teacher and tutor)
ALIF BURHANUDDIN(biase je lah kan..ha3(this is our lingo))

and the name list would goes on and on and on
(I am so sorry for not mentioning others name..SORRY)
p/s:alif=kash..he's actually wanna be in the list so here he is..i;ve just editted

Thanks to you guys for making my year in UiTM delightfully, lovely and I am kinda love you guys for everything that we have done together...



Kash said...

bro, nice post. altho nama aku xde. ughh.. hahah..

Saddly Saljie said...

hahahaha..tu ak dh add pom nme ko..
(biase je kan)

Amrina Cob said...

found ya!ngeh3

Saddly Saljie said...

heheheh...found ya

Amir Izuddin Ghazali said...

er...u gotta do a correction there...i wasn't me who was the gedix-est was u was u...n i remember it very very very well! hahahahaah

Saddly Saljie said...

hahahaha...owh yeah??? tell that crap to ur uncle hah...hahahaha..hey dude im still new in diz thing so guide me to the right path...hehehhe

NaEl said...

i'm gorgeous yes it is certainly true but i'm not a NERDDDDDDD helloo? :p

Saddly Saljie said...

gorgeous????who said that!!!! i didnt..
owh yup there opps typing error..sury 4 giving u a fake a dream...

NaEl said...

homaigosh takpe i know the truth dari dulu. haha :p

Saddly Saljie said...


Kash said...

damn. - -'

Saddly Saljie said...

hahahaha...darn u huhu

Amrina Cob said...

dude,get yourself a shoutbox!

Saddly Saljie said...

hahaha..u knw wat im still staggering over here of how to get that me nytim u want!!!
hahahhaha..wat a JAKUN!!

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