Saturday, January 8, 2011

Botak! Botak!

HOLY S**T!!! Im a bald man!
Seriously it never crossed in my mind to get bald in fact getting bald or going bald is kindda imperceptible for me as Im freaking love my Mohawk but yesterday curiosity seemed to get better of me and I couldnt even think properly as though I was drunk when I get my head bald!! 

It had been a while and I was  wondering of how does it feel to have almost no hair on head and the ultimate question that used to linger in ma head was how do I look like with almost no hair on my head!! Previously, I couldn’t even think or imagine myself in bald version but i gathered the whole courage yesterday to step into my favourite  Nice  (Kbmall)...

As soon I stepped into the salon, Lin (my favourite hairdresser) greeted me with a loud ‘WELCOME’ and I replied her with a brief smile...She immediately ushered me to my favourite place...and as soon as that, she began her work by questioning me few questions..
LIN: Lau xslh br 2 minggu u potong rambut kan?
ME: Yep, tapi kali ni i nk laen mcm sikit..
LIN: How? U nk change ur style?? U maw tgk contoh-contoh rambut kaw?
ME: xpelah lain kali jer
LIN:So how?How can i help u?
ME: I nak botak...Tp sesuai x ngn I?
LIN:Why so sudden? What happen?(Jaw-dropped)
ME:Sje jer...I nk cbe
LIN:Cube style2 laen la..Lau botak u nmpk ordinary la..
ME:Xape..I xpenah rse cmne botak so I nk cbe skali
LIN:Emh  r u u nk no brape?
ME: 4...(dgn sekonfiden yg mngkn, but deep in ma heart I was like tketar2  tkt2 I wud end up like a    
             bullshitter who had just had his head shaved!!)*Tongue Twister*
LIN: R u sure?
ME:Yep sure..just do it..
Soon after that, 88% of my hair scattering all over the sparkle floor, leaving my head almost hairless and for the first time in my life..I FELT SO PECULIAR about touching my head n I FELT SO NAKED!!!SO bloody nude!!!

I was so thrilled and kinda eksaited to show my mum my new hairdo, and my mum’s first reaction was like ‘Pendeknye gunting rambut!Kne marah ke lecturer plop kew??’....

Ya Allah, I wanna get my hair back...Please help me!!! (In fact, I had googled on how to make ur hair grow faster but eventually end up like an arsehole to read through long paragraphs and convoluted article only to find out that there is nothing that can help me to grow hair faster... Im a pathetic!!   * The hair would soon recuperate by its patience and be ready to go through any possible feedbacks*...hahahaha!

Alamak terkuar flash plak dah...Ni lah awek cina yg buat rmbt ak huru hara camni..
(Lin r u reading diz?)

Hah!baru nampak jelas cket! Tgk tuh ak da botak!



Amrina Cob said...

perlu ke ambik gmbar mugshot?T_T

Saddly Saljie said...

hahahaha...perlu kot..huhuhu

Amir Izuddin Ghazali said...

nampak cm bwu kwa jail!
a prisoner!!!

Saddly Saljie said...

amir:hahaha...agakla kot..ak pom ase cm g2 plus with dat gmbr mugshot!hehehe

Hanan Sofia said...

Haha. Botak pun smart jugak. Walaupun aku takut dgn org berkepala botak nie.

Saddly Saljie said...


Husna Mohamed said...

i have to say; i actually prefer this type of hair on ur head. u've never looked better!:p

Saddly Saljie said...

husna:no way in d hell that i've actualy looked better in diz hairdo!!! juz cnt wait for my hair to grow longer n the day i got my hair back..the old me is back too!!!

Husna Mohamed said...

i'm sorry u feel that way. haha^^

Anonymous said...

lie, cpat2 blik
xsab0 nk tgk si botak...ya

Saddly Saljie said...

anonymous:hahahha...spekah gerangan tuan hamba???

NaEl said...

kenapa tak botak licin terus? baru rare! haha

Saddly Saljie said...

jiha:amboi jiha ah yg wak cm2 huhuhuhu....xnak ah nati nmpk mcm sami buddha hahhaa..2 pom dh nmpk cket2 cm sami buddha...hahaha

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