Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dude, it's a men's!

Hi readers, what's up! I know lotsa u out there are still recovering from the last raya's open houses and after a while of being fed on unhealthy foods, u guys must feel a little stress over the rising waist line, tell you the truth, I myself experienced a really terrible experience as my weight had rocketed from 70 to 75kgs, I was trying hard to control myself during the celebration but it seemed like I've failed and bad food won the battle!!

However, that wasn't the issue now, the issue now is that Vaseline has produced their first men lotion! Cool kan nowadays men can have their own lotion. I know lot of u guys out there(men,boy) love to wear lotion but most of you won't admit it! Lotion and boy?? Aw shuck! so gay! well, lotion can moisturize your skin, dehydrate, giving fresh-look, and whole lot more...I am so thankful and grateful that finally Vaseline had came up with this men's body lotion.
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Before this, if I wanna smear the lotion on my both arms, I'll make sure that there's no body around, or else 'Eii ko pakai lotion? macam pempuan!'.  Well just before the discovery of Vaseline Men's body lotion, I was using  Garnier Light body lotion, and of course it's for girl, and has a kind of girlish scent. But now not anymore as men got their own stuff and its smell so man enough!!

Thank you vaseline, finally u made it!


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