Monday, April 25, 2011

My sizzling meeeeeee..

Me: Umi, lapar nih...
Umi: Nak makan ape?
Me: Anything will do as long as its healthy
Umi: Nape tak masak sendiri jer..
Me: Mane reti ( tak pandai)
Umi: Meh mi ajar...

Well, last week when I was at home, i was so freaking hungry and my mum just got home, so you know what, my mum teach me how to cook Sizzling Noodles...well it's very easy and doesn't consume time like forevazz so guys it is also very important for guy to know how to cook!!!

And today, I have cooked for my classmates, and they were like 'Emm, sedap boleh wak lagi nih'...well of course la my nose kembang-kencup-kembang-kencup...As FYI this was my very first cooking and I served my products to my classmates, it's kindda cool and awesomeeeee!!

The very first time my classmates discovered me, in the kitchen sauteing the garlic and the aroma was like killing the nose of everyone they were like 'Hah!! Saddly masak???????' and I was like 'Yes, unbelievable kewwwww???

Now i  know how do the chef feel when they are done with their's awesomeeeeeeee!!!

Sizzling Mee..


Farah Shamsudin said...

Bestnya.. dah pandai buat kan..

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