Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vengeful fate

After having my dinner last night, I grabbed the whole bunch of my car keys and made a phone call to Umi and it sounded like..

Me: Helo assalamualaikum, umi nak balik rumah ni...lecturer tak masuk kelas esok sebab 
lecturer bagi peluang suruh belajar sebab dah nak exam

Umi: Tak payahlah duduk sana jer lah....belajar sane la

Me: Ala nak balik jugak...tak syok la duk sini

Umi: Doh balik lah....dop dengar kata orang nih

Knowing the time was getting late, I packed up my stuffs like English studies note, grammar book and social studies note (*nak study siot*)...

 I clutched my car ( kete manual jer), and rocketed to my home. Well, honestly I said I just wanna be home as soon as possible and one thing that I used to do just before taking off to anywhere, and on that vengeful night it was seemed like to be forgotten and I really did not realize it.

As usual, I used the same road to get home, I opened my window while enjoying to the song “Need you now” by Lady Antebellum and really it is a nice song and sipping the fresh cold breeze through my window was really a good thing happened to me. 

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 From a distance I could see a bright glimpse of blinking blue light and this light was really familiar but still I do nothing about it and keep on pressing my gas pedal... as soon as that I just realised that it was a group of policemen doing their usual stuff, -ROAD BLOCK- and I tried to act cool as much as I could and it does work for me at that time, but still I could feel something bad just about to happen and I kept forcing my half-witted brain to think if there were anything wrong I did, and after a while, a policeman approached my car, asked me to switch off the song which I had listened to that time, and he asked me for my driving licence.
I handed him politely, and he squinted at my licence as there was quite limited source of light and around 30 seconds, he asked me to pull over my car by signalling his bright-blinking-annoyed-my-eyes torchlight and all of a sudden the thought which reminded me to my wrongdoing had attacked me profusely and I was like *Damn! Bullshit! WTF!* 

How stupid I was for driving under a DEAD driving licence, and also for not wearing seatbelt....wasn’t that the most-stupidest thing that you guys ever heard?? Well that’s me another silly boy called SADDLY SALJIE..

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I pulled over my car and waited in there anxiously, at those moment I could hear my mum’s voice calling my full name( siap dengan nama bapak and nama datuk,nenek sume keturunan lah)...well I bet you guys knew what i’m trynna tell you guys here.. well, getting back to that policeman, he evilly opened my rear door and again scanned through my car inside-out like the car was belong to a criminal who had just been caught after a long escape, and he was actually leaving through my notes and only then, he opened his mouth

Policeman: Sekolah lagi?

Me: Tak encik, saya sekarang belajar kat IPG

Policeman: Owh. Sekarang ni awak tahu tak ape kesalahan awak?

Me: Saya tak tahu. (*Pura-pura blur* sebab nak raih simpati polis tuh)

Policeman: kesalahan awak ada 2, ptama tak pakai tali pinggang keselamatan n kedua memandu dengan lessen dah mati

Me: Owh yewke saya tak perasan lesen saya dah mati( I again lied to him)

Policeman: Awak kene alert la dengan mende-mende camni

Me:Baik Encik
Policeman: Sekarang saya nak saman awak, lessen mati saman Rm 300, tak pakai tali pinggang keledar Rm80 tapi saya charge awak utk satu kesalahan saje iaitu tak pakai tali pinggang keledar.

Me: Tq Encik.

 Policeman: Bayar dalam mase 30 hari.

Me: Terima Kasih Encik.
I thanked to Allah for not allowing me to wear seatbelt which I used to wear all the time, but this time I did not wear it and it meant for a good thing because if i wore seatbelt, the policeman would most probably give me the ticket for driving under DEAD licence which I need to pay RM300 and of course for sure I have to tell mum about that because I love my money and I aint giving my 300 bucks just for that bloody ticket issued by a policeman but in this case I dont have to tell my mum about this as it only cost for only RM80. I’ll pay on my own.

Moral of the story: Well all I can say is that I’ve had a great experience and thanked to Allah for still giving me opportunity in a desperate situation, and also not forgotten that never afraid to say Yes to No, because there’s always a bright thing ahead of us.

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“When your mother told you NO, your father told you NO, the teacher told you NO, or the people told you NO, if you were a good little boy or girl, you listened to the word NO and stopped what were you doing. That is why 98% of adults are conditioned to stop when they hear the word NO. Quitters do not get anywhere. You will not be successful if you listen to NOS.” – Donald Trumph.
P/s: Maybe some of you guys do not see eye to eye to this (above) statement by Donald Trumph but what I’m really wanna share with you guys here is that never afraid to admit mistake or commit mistake, never afraid to say yes to your parents’ NOs, (*maybe you guys think that aku ni suka lawan cakap mak bapak, bukan suka lawan tapi benda-benda kecik tu tak ape untuk kite deny kan ataupun buat cause learn from mistake is the best lesson and jangan la terlalu bodoh sampai mak bapak cakap, ‘Jangan terjun bangunan tapi ko terjun jugak sebab konon-kononnye nak ikut prinsip Yes to No nih, itu boleh dikategorikan sebagai bodoh,bangam and sewaktu dengannye.*)

Adioz people..and wish for my luck in my mock examination tomorrow....

Current emotion: Bloodless, clueless...(Takut nak exam)....goodbye guys..:-)


miss irah said...

hey..aku ingt lgi ko ckp last few days..lesen ko da expired..xsngka cpt giler kne sman.. haha

Saddly Saljie said...

irah:yup2....huhuhuhunk wak cmne kan naseb ak malang cket huhuhu

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