Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Irreplaceable

Last week was a week that full of hectic, hustle and bustle of a life as student as we were being tested on 4 papers which are Language Description, Language Development, English Studies and last but not least Social Studies. The examination went on from last Monday until last Thursday and in those days I haven’t been to the gym and this had actually driven me to a great ordeal as I couldn’t get my ass sweat. I could feel enthusiasm flowing over myself when I get sweat on the treadmill and work out is one of my favourite hobbies; in fact it is my zen hour.

Once I got home, I drank some protein shake and straightaway hitting my mini gym which is also known as my room. Well I don’t have to eat up the fuel first as I’ve already eaten at the cafe earlier on along with Iniyan, Joseph, Vehnoo, Adam and Halberth so I have enough energy to kick-start my work out session. When I was on the treadmill I could hear my phone was beeping alerted me that there was a message received. I stopped the treadmill and scanned through my inbox. There was a message from Syakirah Basri (The wicked waka) sounded like: *Hav u heard abot Iniyan? He died in a car crash. He and a science student died on the spot, Joseph is still in coma and Shu Yin got some injuries*. At that time I was actually gasping for air for not having enough air from the vigorous activity on the treadmill and also for not believing for what she had told me. I eventually sat on a chair in front of a mirror and the image of Iniyan, Joseph and Shu Yin reeled into my thought. I could remember our last time eating together at the cafe that afternoon, it was just few hours ago Iniyan, Joseph and me having a lunch together and now they were gone!!! Joseph had gone too at 8 pm followed by Shu Yin at 12.00 mid night.

The following day we gathered at our IPG and there was a complete mayhem however we eventually had came up with the idea to visit the bereaved and their remains to pay our obeisance.  Mr. Zaki (language description’s lecturer) was a very supportive lecturer as he got on the bus along with us all the way from Terengganu to Taiping and Penang.

As soon as we arrived at Taiping, we had stopped at Iniyan’s house, however we were late to see him as he had been cremated and we were talking to his family about his kindness and his father was the one whom very upset about his lost, while the mother was speechless and sat by his picture. Some of the girls consoled her for not being too sad over her lost and we kept talking of how their lost affected us in our studies as he was a very studious and he had inspired all of us to keep on our reading as knowledge would only can be enhance through reading.

After that we were heading to Bukit Mertajam to pay our last respect to the late Joseph. Upon seeing him lying unconsciously in the coffin, lot of us couldn’t bear the tears as he was a very good student and love to joke around. We missed the moment he came up with the silly idea and cracked our heart for his funny idea and his kelatanese slang was effing funny. For the first time in my life, I made obeisance to my own friend and right after that he was being sent to the crematorium to be cremated and after that, we headed to Shu Yin’s house at Butterworth. I do not know her as much as I know Iniyan and Joseph, I was a little frustrated for not knowing her well but still as her classmate and friend I still felt sorry for the lost.

In a day, I’ve lost 3 friends,

For the first time in my life, I’ve attended 3 funerals of my own friend

I’ve had enough, I just couldn’t afford anymore

However I need to bear in my mind, DEATH IS CERTAIN

That’s all for now and whatever happens the memory of being friend to Iniyan, Joseph and Shu Yin will always be etched on my heart....

Utusan Malaysia

May you guys rest in the peace...


subaidi samat said...

omaigod so they are all ur friend..hopefully u r in good condition either mentally or physicall..all of them teslians?

:: she-dar:: said...

i nvr thought all of them r ur frens. hpefully they'll rip.

Saddly Saljie said...

subaidi: yep they were ol my frens...3 of them were teslian n the other girl was science student

shedar: yep hope so too...

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