Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An evening with Datuk Karam Singh Walia

An evening with Datuk Karam Singh Walia is a talk show which was being held at the main hall of our campus yesterday on 24th April 2012. It was such a relief to finally complete the event. Now we can finally enjoy our precious time for ourselves, without even bothering of going to the meeting after meeting just only to ensure the event would run smoothly. 

Now let the pictures do the talking

Datuk Karam Singh Walia was caught acclimatising with all of the lecturers from Department of Languages

The attentive audience

 The student council

The jovial face of Vejaya and Pavi

The non-stop working crews

Some colleagues

Pavi and his unbearable excitement face

Datuk while giving his talk

Some random teacher-guy with his long-lost students. Muni & Jiha

That's all for now


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