Monday, January 21, 2013

To buy and not to buy, that is a question:

“What do you think of this?” My roommate suddenly asked the question which I initially do not think that’s a question that I need to answer. It may be just another rhetorical question. But looking at his genuine face, I felt surge of guilt not to answer him. “That’s not healthy. Buy something that will rot,” leaving him behind with his thought alone.

          What I’m trying to say is that, how you can affect people around you. Been that person who is conscious about what I put in my mouth has affected my roommate nutritionally. And I just feel good about that. Really I am.

He made the right choice!

Just me getting some milk


puding roti said...

bagus blog li. blh buat rujukan :)

Saddly Saljie said...

hahaha...mane ade..

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